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    But sometimes I just need to cry! Unluckily for me, everyone can tell when I been crying too haha, so it not like I can just sneak off into the bathroom and come out a few minutes later like everything is fine. My face goes red and puffy, my eyes turn to glass and get puffy. My voice changes.
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    We keep it tight, make sure that we can be caught too often on the break, and play to our forward players strengths and we have better results in these massive games. Scoring first is massively important in these games as well, and the fact that we got the first one put the outcome of the tie decisively in our hands.overview for OffColorCommentary
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    Yeah I loved Avatar but hated FMAB by the end (to its credit I still finished watching, partly because I was watching it with a friend and partly out of some kind of Stockholm syndrome). It was so drawn out, many episodes felt like padding and everything took an eternity to happen. Every emotional scene beat you over the head with its point, there was no subtlety whatsoever. Add to that that all but a few main characters seemed very one dimensional and there was very little that was compelling about it. Oh and don get me started on the repetitive music used in every single bloody episode.
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    I don have cable anymore, and never particularly paid attention to commercials back when I did several years ago, so I don know what you talking about. The main ear cleaner that appears on google is for dogs.
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    I really don know what OP expected, if she was pushing up on him for months and he was turning her down I sure her reaction wouldn be rational either.
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    Mine was not an attack on or anyone else. I sorry that you had that misapprehension. You got lots of valid points and a very fair view of society all of which I agree with except that ad hominem. I am attracted to people of all sorts, true mostly middle ground people but I never had a problem with anyone. I was just wondering because I had my own hypothesis. I don think it a bad thing at all. Why should anyone succumb to the notion that men and women are compelled to act a certain way? That why stereotypes are damaging, they normative, not descriptive only. Anyway, no offence intended. I sorry you feel I a wing Christian For what it worth, I was raised as an evangelical Jehovah Witness. My family don talk to me because I like guys, so yeah I know a lot about the difference between right wing Christian and liberal normal human being just deliberating on a matter. Sorry if I offended you though,
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    I wouldn call a 50 1.8 boring, but it at a very good price. Most people who are buying their first DSLR aren going to be very keen on dropping another $400 600 on a lens. It not my preferred focal length (especially on a crop), but it most people first prime because of the cost.
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    For example, European leaders called this week for Lord Monkton to be charged with a crime for stating that global warming is not happening. Whether you agree with him or not, he exercising his right to free speech. Neo Nazis cannot express themselves on YouTube. Their opinion is free speech. Holocaust denial is a crime in most European countries. But those who deny the holocaust are merely expressing an opinion and exercising free speech. If a pedophile were to start a sub where other pedos discuss what they find most sexually attractive about little boys and girls, is that merely the exercising of free speech?
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASESo about a week ago I decided to give the old crotch fur a shave. Now mind you that this is not just regular hair, but the fucking Amazon jungle of pubes. It is because of this reason that I have to go at it in waves. The first wave is to take some scissors and log this forest. I did this in the calm and solitude of my room on a towel, and put the slain crotch fur into my trash can. There other steps but that another story. Now here is where this FU starts. My grandma (who lives with me) lost her weather clock thing, and thought it may be in the trash. Now I had just put my trash into this bag too, so along with empty beer cans and other trash is the Mt. Everest of pubes just all mixed in. Well when I got home I saw her clock sitting on the kitchen table. In a pile of my pubic fur. On my table. Where I eat. Touched by my grandmother. No one in my family has curly hair either. I think she knows.overview for ohthatonegirl
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    That an interesting discussion, I happy to hear more.
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    You can hurt a pedal by providing too much current. This is why you able to daisy chain pedals together on a single power supply. It is only when the power supply has less than the required current, or if you are providing the wrong voltage (9v, 12v, etc) that you can hurt your pedals.
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    Also, the weather was fantastic. When I left, in the three hours it took to get to Phoenix, it went from pleasant mid 70s to 110.
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    I didn take 6F but I did take 142D which was Gardens and Landscapes of the West Renaissance 1900s with Wittman. He really passionate about what he teaching and it shows, and he teaches the material like a story so it flows really well. He also has a lot of repeat students so that says a lot. He pretty much walks through the material and then posts the study images and descriptions online which are all you need for exams. 6F sounds like it would be better because it broader, the course I took was pretty specific so it did get a little boring at times but he still really easy to follow! I think 6F also covers the writing requirement so you probably have to do a paper, I never written an art history paper before but I got an A because his guidelines were really straight forward and you can answer the prompt with everything he puts on the website.
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    And remember, the clients will absolutely be able to find a scumbag lawyer to take the case, and even if I win and the case is thrown out, I still have to pay to defend against it.
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    /r/australia : Without exception, everyone is called upon today to construct his/her patriotic identity as a response to the supreme imperative of our shared whiteness: ‘act as if the land were initially without owners’. (Open Access PDF) (11)
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    During the time that she was with him, her family and I continually expressed our worry about his behaviour. I believe that he was emotionally abusive, something my friend still denies. But it is hard to see things clearly when you in a relationship like that. Your love for the other person can cloud your judgment. In the end, nothing her friends or family said could convince her to end the relationship, it was a choice she had to make for herself.
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    So far I am really enjoying it, but I can tell when I have to start playing at night and run into fast, climbing zombies, I going to have a heart attack.overview for OscarZetaAcosta
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    Basically Scavenging Hyena but for Deathrattles. (Also a smaller buff.)
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    Tax Accountant self explanatory,
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    My cousin just announced that she pregnant, and told everyone (well, family) early. My first thought (inside my head, not out loud) was “oh that kind of early to be telling people, but oh well it not my business”. And I congratulated her and what not, then she said the exact same thing as you.
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    If you don have a strong support system, get one if you can, you need it. If your marriage is weak, and you end up with a difficult child, one with high needs or a disability (even a mild one) it can put a lot of pressure on your marriage.overview for PixelOrange
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    Think up a way to connect this thing you learned with something you are passionate about. The more you can make yourself care about what you are learning, the more likely you are to retain it.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEIf we to microscopically analyze the genetic makeup of one singular sunchip from a bag of Frito Lays Sunchips, they all contain particles of sun rays in every bite. The release of the solar energy in your mouth accounts for the exceptional taste and the perfection of the crunch with each chomp of your mandible. Now since vampires cannot be exposed to the sunlight, for if they do they burn up and ultimately pop like a kernel of popcorn blossoming into its white fluffy shape. Vampires, when eating sunchips can only be related to a human who has just consumed approximately 3 Oz of gunpowder and swallowing a match. The vampire would essentially implode splattering vampire guts on the walls, so be careful as to not get so close to a suicidal sunchip eating vampire.overview for pinechas
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    Even if they are a “downvote brigade” which I never seen any proof of, how is that remotely evil? Against the rules maybe, but if your opinion is shitty (which it is), then it going to get downvoted anyway. It not censorship, this isn a government run site. That what happens in the real world you say stupid shit, people will call you out on it. But pics of dead kids? A subreddit about raping women? Trading child pornography? Fucking red pill? Those are all a okay.overview for OxymoronParadox
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    I also like to ride my bike. I don have very much skill (especially considering that while going less than a mile an hour I ran into a parked car) but I do enjoy riding it.
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    There are tons of other ways to get a child attention that don involve any kind of physical “punishment.” Sure, they more time consuming, more difficult, more relationship oriented and less behavior oriented. They not popular because they not easy.
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    I got the same feeling with that Asian Network guy his view that alcohol is “all or nothing” is kind of extreme (and stupid). It pretty common sense that there is quite a long way between 1 2 drinks and blackout drunk. Unless he is an extreme lightweight, or seriously underestimates his own ability to moderate.
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    That being said I like your idea of playing classical music.
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    Edit: Listen people. I don care if you want to argue semantics over whether a 3km race as a kid is a “marathon”. Thats what the event was called. I understand that a real marathon is 26.2 miles. Give it up already.overview for pennywise53
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    Is your argument that any new “invention” in language syntax/design is bad because it is by definition non standard (yet) ?
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    I HAVE NO IDEA. It literally a mystery. I just read an article from a French skincare expert WHO DESIGNS HER OWN PRODUCTS in Elle magazine, whose miraculous advice was that she “picks three days a year to only eat grapes, in order to lose weight” and “it gives her so much energy!”, while also mentioning that one of her favorite DIY tricks is to use lemon juice because it great for the skin. Lady, where the hell did you learn any of this?? Who is letting you manufacture products??
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    Your view is severely skewed because the USA consists of two major political camps: center right and far right.
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    Also, the title and question could be reworked a bit to ensure quality, empirical discussion. Rather than “Does Obama deserve all of the hate that he is getting”, consider something like, “Is Obama responsible for his low approval ratings? What factors other than his actions, if any, could have played a role?”overview for paxanimus
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    Oh good, my guests arrived just in time. Hello Finn, Hello Jake.
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    There were quite a few people looking at me and plenty were almost taken down when I started to lose my balance but somehow I made it to lab. I was grinning like a maniac. My heart was beating like crazy and I was a bit out of breath since the route is somewhat hilly. I felt like an idiot and probably looked the part too, but it was so much fun and I couldn help but laugh at myself by the end of it. Turns out the charger wasn in lab, but I remembered that I left it in one of my classes. Skate over to said building, embarrass myself more, laugh more, find charger. I decide to head home. Sun setting and I realize as I get to my door that I actually gotten better in that short span of time. I can actually take strides and I don need the grass as a handicap anymore. Also the hands aren flailing. I going to look on Craigslist to see if I can get any rollerblades my size because I know I want to keep doing it. Oh, one more thing. I didn fall once!
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    The way I describe it is emptiness. It is a feeling of hollowness that goes to your very core. Nothing has value or worth, it all becomes a cruel parody of its former self. Where there once existed pleasure for accomplishing something, there exists just the empty feeling.
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    reddit goldSince January 2015
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    I actually met someone with whom I great friends now who started off appealing to stereotype and then when we met and got close he changed because he realised how good it is to be precisely who you want to be.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI really loved Wild Target, which is not at all a traditional romcom. I think it was marketed more as a thriller/comedy, but it definitely a romcom. Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt star as a hit man and his target, but there more to it than that. I never heard anybody talk about it, ever. I just stumbled upon it on Netflix one day, and I loved it. I looked up the reviews, and they were terrible, which makes me think that either the studio made a ghastly marketing error in not labeling it a romcom, or it one of those films that you either love or hate. It an odd one for sure.
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    Chinese how the fuck can you not mention Tan if you talking about Chinese/Asian food.
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    The reason why so many reddiorers were mesmerized is because the target audience was for men. There are more men than female on reddit (i assuming). Me, being a teenage girl did not give two shits about the posts that kept showing up. When I finally did give in and read the 3rd update, it was obvious it was fake. I mean it said that Carly had told her husband that “where the guy wanted to meet up for some kisses.” What middle aged woman says stuff like that?
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    I also do not understand the deodorant comment, though, and I can imagine in a country as hot as India that this would be the norm. That just lazy stereotyping.
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    As a more macabre option, dying people could turn their bodies into 3D printers, Stasising sections of body parts with arbitrary shapes. Morbid obesity would help with the size limits, and of course the head can be preserved so it not a costly sacrifice in a Utilitarian sense.
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    If you were born to Irish parents working in Germany, would you suddenly be completely distinct from them ethnically, culturally, and in national identity? Failure to respect the difference is a huge underlying factor in the troubles up North. The Unionists should respect that the Nationalists are Irish, and vice versa. Calling it silly is ignorant.
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    Linda death however, breaks this cycle. He hadn intended to kill her in any way, she was essentially just a bystander who got in the way.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEMike Rowe: “We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. Many of these consequences are beginning to be realized due to the ageing of the population and its effects on various social programs and the economy at large.
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    I think jeans would be fine to wear, or black jeans or tan jeans. I recommend buying jeans that fit you though; it will help your outfits look much more professional. As for tops, I suggest that you pick up some blouses. From what you said about the workplace having a more casual feel to it, I going to say that you can wear pretty much any color blouse. Just make sure it not too low cut or see through. If it cold, a sweater would look nice, or perhaps a cardigan with a tank top or something underneath. For shoes, you seem to like comfort, so you don have to wear heels. I recommend some flat boots, oxfords, loafers, flats, or even nice sneakers like Keds. Good luck with your internship!
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    Junior Prom: Nobody had a date, so we all just went together as friends.
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    I actually taking the same things you taking, and getting identical effects, save for creative bursts and constant tiredness (at the moment). Thinking about adding panax ginseng for increased micro circulation.
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    My boyfriend is my first boyfriend and I have never been good with conflict. When we got in a fight, I started packing my bags to go to a friend house. He was asking me over and over to work it out with him. To talk about it. I was so angry. I was zipping up my suitcase and he said, “if you walk out that door with out even attempting to let me help solve this, we done.” I was so angry, I didn want him to think that he could make wild threats about our relationship and I would just give in so I began walking towards the door. I didn want to break up with him. I was just hoping he would give in before me. I wanted to have the upper hand. He broke down and asked me to please reconsider and just talk to him so he could make it right. I stopped. We fixed things.
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    Cure Natural Aqua Gel (I not sure of this one, I haven heard people on hear mention it, but I been looking for a gentle exfoliator. Does anyone have and like it?)
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    Have you ever talked to anyone about it? I can imagine how dealing with that would be, but in my opinion, if you are comfortable enough with trying to be intimate with your girlfriend, you should feel comfortable enough to tell her why you avoiding it.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEA new suspected cases of Ebola are currently in Uppsala.
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    There is no point overkilling any given section. Study 4 7 weeks on any given section. Take solid notes the minute you get out of the exam. Generally I did this at the bar over a beer, 1st beer took an hour worth of notes then proceed on the 2nd 7th beer.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI don actually say “my hobbies are math and science,” I just typed that to shorten the post. I typically will say something along the lines of: I love using telescopes and learning about the physics behind the universe. I also enjoy working ahead in my math texts for whichver class I am in.
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    The only thing that is consistent is the team that wins the president cup (most points regular season) has a very difficult post season and never wins the cup.
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    Incidents like this mumbai incident happens everywhere in India. We are short of doctors and our system is corrupt to recognize the shortcomings at govt hospitals. Our infrastructure is archaic and our emergency response is unorganized. Many such incidents go unnoticed, I have no idea when we will have a responsible emergency management system.overview for qwopsy
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    When he does it even if he didn do it the way I would I praise him. Tell him how much i appreciate his help and just make a big deal of how helpful he was. At first, this drove me nuts because I didn understand why he couldn see that stuff needed to get done. He just blind to it!
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    FsA has less focus on boarding and more on mid range shooting, while DW is heavy on boarding and close range brawls. Haven played FsA, so I can offer a great comparison.
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    I agree, just as soon as you show that an appreciable fraction of dogs will have emotional damage by such encounters. We know this for humans that is why the laws are there. However, we don know this for dogs.
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    jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this?TROPHY CASECorrect. A really tall and skinny pot (low surface area) will take longer to reach equilibrium than a short and fat pot (high surface area).
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    Doesn seem like a particularly popular idea, as I never heard of it.
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    I think most open world games suffer from this. That why I a tad worried about The Witcher 3 narrative. Not that it won be good, but is there going to be so much filler content that it takes a backseat?
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    I just posted about this. I had hallucinations. It started with the corners of my eyes but the escalated to seeing shadows, to having ants crawl on me, and to hearing traffic when it was quiet.
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    There are two problems that force China to keep NK around.
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    Also, what makes this more interesting is that if points A and B do touch, and A velocity vector is tangential to the wheel radius, then A is also stationary in the rotational reference frame. It will thus be stationary relative to C the same as B is. Thus, in order for A and B to be in the same translational reference frame when A is not in the same rotational frame as C, then A and B can be touching! So point A needs to be any point on the ground except where B touches! Or it could be that the wheel is just lifted off the ground and still rotates at the same rate as if it on the ground.
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    I agreed in my previous comment to you that Christian’s overt weakness might very well not have given women the tingles (even though this book was a success), so you don’t actually have to keep explaining that.
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    Also, no one actually gets upset about romanized Russian, Chinese, or Japanese. It only when the language uses italic script that people get upset. Even though the obstacle is still the same: inavailability to quickly access characters.
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    As a fully functional person, you might be able to deal with the lack of freedom and additional trauma in exchange for food and minimal shelter.

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    I think my best friend, of nearly 16 years, and I outgrew each other equally. She in a committed relationship and prefers to spend all of her time with him. He very cultured and has opened her up to all kinds of different things, especially food. He got her to try indian food but I couldn get her to try avocado. That besides the point. She only working part time still and that about it. I graduating college in May and I made many wonderful friends through my program and have changed as well. I taking better care of myself and putting more effort into my appearance. I have changed personality wise just a tad bit. I just don think we fit anymore. She always be a good friend but it just isn the same.overview for SecureThruObscure
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    And yet, I am happy that the kid ruined his life.
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    When I was growing up my family (my mom) shoved religion down my throat so hard. When I got to college god was the first thing to go from my life. I enjoyed a few years of living for myself but it was really hard to describe, though I was really happy with my roommates, my girlfriend, and other aspects of my life, I felt something was missing. So after a few years without my mother influence I made a choice to return to religion and it has been really fulfilling to myself. I just feel happy and believe it or not, more free. I think there is a god, but if it is all just a state of mind, then I prefer the state of mind where I am living for a purpose.
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    I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the stock (you can look through my post history I posted on it a few times). I going to break down why it down, and why I think you ok (market permitting).
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    I graduated college and didn know what to do. Talked to a few people and the idea of law school came up. I a smart guy, I write well, I should be able to do it. (Side note: having been through law school, going on a whim isn a good idea. Make sure you wanna practice law before you go to law school).
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    Other interesting mechanisms can evolve depending on the system of mating. Ducks have corkscrew penises and the opposite corkscrew vaginal cavity. Female hyenas have phalluses, and use them to give birth. Some species of bees explode upon copulation.
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    Unicorns are symbols of femininity; they are strong, they are beautiful, they are unreal. Much like Rachael was when Deckard first met her: very feminine, very no nonsense, very beautiful, and a replicant. The unicorn in Deckard dream (or daydream) is an abstract representation of how he views Rachael. Regarding the unicorn origami at the end: Gaff origami had only ever been used to represent people throughout the film: in Bryant office when Deckard refuses to come back he makes an origami chicken, symbolizing Deckard cowardice; later in Leon apartment he makes an origami human figure with a big dick, representing Deckard in his element as a detective. Gaff made the origami unicorn at the end to represent Rachael: he saw her as Deckard saw her, and so he decided to let her live and allow them to flee north without coming after them. When Deckard picks up the unicorn, remembers Gaff parting line “It too bad she won live, but then again who does?” and nods, he is acknowledging that Gaff is saying to him, “Good luck for the time you have together.”overview for Retrotaku
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    Simply, imagine you already have a pool of guaranteed interested and even attractive prospects to choose from. Unless you feel seriously attracted to a specific person outside of that pool, you not going to venture outside of those guaranteed options because there absolutely no reason to do so.
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    Scientists detail new form of RAM which stores 9 bits per cell vs. conventional storage of 3. It can be made using regular equipment at room temperature, requires much less power, lasts 100 times as many uses, and isn’t phased by heat. 1TB would fit into a component the size of a postage stamp. There nothing “regular” about building nanometer scale components. That said, this is all quite interesting and I looking forward to seeing if and when we get actual products that make use of it. I far more interested in the potential speed increases than storage, though. Existing flash memory is already plenty dense enough and any manufacturer could cram half a TB into a phone today if they wanted to (128GB micro sdxc has been out for a good while already) The problem is most flash memory and controllers, especially that used in the storage soldered into phones or in microsd cards, is extremely slow to the point where a major source of slowdowns for mobile devices is the storage. Using something like rram could potentially bring great performance improvements.overview for scholargypsy
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    jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this?TROPHY CASESan Jose Unified is large school district while Mt. Pleasant is much smaller. I interviewed at both of these districts last year as a first year teacher. Mt. Pleasant is much smaller than SJUSD and people are very supportive/it a tight community. San Jose Unified is a much larger district and the district is supportive however, due to their shifting towards common core, there is no specific curriculum used and teachers are creating their teaching materials from scratch. Each school is very different from one another. I know there are some schools that have very tight communities and others who are the complete opposite! I hope this helps you! I am from Southern California and just moved here last year to work. Feel free to PM me.overview for praduski
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    The days of games being a scarce commodity are long gone. Digital distribution is growing and theres always enough disks to go around now for the most part. Pre orders have survived however, but if people started waiting for reviews, a buggy launch like AC:Unity or a bait and switch like Watch_Dogs could be financially disastrous for a studio, hopefully encouraging them to release the game when it ready, not when the publisher says it due.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI share as long as I see the thread and I interested in reading it. I state my opinion (if relevant) and go on my merry way. It doesn symbolize my IRL coolness level or some shit like that. I myself on and off the forum. I disappointed to see a few users that commented on this thread (stating they don do it) are those people you described. But I love reddit either way and I love to see the multiple opinions people have. I consider it a learning experience.
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    TL;DR: The biggest difference in behavior from people were from fellow men, gay and straight alike. Women only acted slightly different, but there was a big difference in how likely they were to spend time with me and date me.
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    I do think specific subreddits can have objectivity as a goal. For example, r/askscience, r/askhistory, TIL, etc all have rules which either encourage or outright require objectivity. I most familiar with TIL since I a mod over there and almost all of our rules were put in place to necessitate objectivity. If something is not objective, it will certainly break one of our rules and be removed.
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    you dont know where everyone lives and how they get to school. Plus, families who live in toronto and dont have a car now pay less to use transit.overview for shazoocow

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    Number 2 comes from my cousin who had a similar situation to the above friend. She didn poop or anything. She cut herself to help relieve stress all the time. At first she was really careful not to let on she was doing it, always cutting in places people would rarely see. Then she started doing it in more obvious places. She said when people caught her and reprimanded her, it was weirdly cathartic because someone recognized something was wrong, even if they didn look beyond the cuts. Even though they blamed her because, as she put it, blamed me for the rest anyway.
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    “3 1s and a 2? That it? That all you want?”
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    As to the state of my social retardation, I don believe that it is something I comment on. Out of all the people I met, the ones who are most lacking in social graces seem completely oblivious to their ineptitude, so even if I was the most socially terrible person in my city, chances are I would have no idea.overview for slipstream
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    Like I said too there isn a lot of knowledge around it too and schools are stuck in old ways. Schools don have any curriculum around it because they ignore those who know it. After I had graduated, progressed to be an account director, won multiple awards for search, I offered to help my college develop/teach a course. Their response was “if you don have a masters you can teach or help us develop.”
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    Stop trying to make it look like a cruise ship. It should merely be a means of transportation. Take away the bells and whistles. Every new feature they add requires more staff to run it. Her prime takeaway, she said, was the “cultural” difference between Washington State and British Columbia. While the Americans were soberly devoted exclusively to moving Washingtonians across water, BC Ferries had a weakness for flair. Puget Sound buzzes with bare bones car ferries built in the 1970s, but BC Ferries has a fleet of gargantuan vessels replete with stainless steel dcor, flatscreen televisions, luxury gift shops and gourmet cafeterias. In the summer, the ferry corporation even hires “Coastal Naturalists” to stand on the outside decks offering free lectures about local fauna. This is all extremely unnecessary
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    jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this?TROPHY CASEreddit moldNo offense taken I appreciate the advice! I made 2 copies today with no problems. I also realized that I missing some disks, including (I think) the actual setup disk. The one I have that labeled as such seems to actually be the Application/Selector disk that you have to create after startup. I also missing the modem setup disk, which is too bad.
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    That women absolutely fawn over these violent thugs who show no respect for the rule of law just further goes to show that they are not at all what they have the average man believe. Are they getting wet over the timid men the officer is brutalizing and kicking in the teeth (all over some subjective “evidence”), or the enforcer himself?
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    Skeptic: Yeah, and look what happened to those guys! They all got killed!
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    My advice, find a country, with qualified trainers who will capture your humans for you (especially in the beginning, until you get the hang of it yourself) and guide you in your quest for slavery. Thirty to 45 minutes a day, three days a week, is all you ever need to do (I refuse to believe anyone is so busy that he or she cannot make time for that, especially considering how important it is).
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    I wouldn say my position (reversed from the scenario you paint) is quite so dire, at the end of the day I would live with it. I would just really rather not and I think we would be both better off.
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    You have to remember that this sort of thing is a tool to help you figure things out. It not a quick or easy fix. The counselors that are there to help you help yourself. It may sound daunting; you may want them to just fix you.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThanks for that diagnosis Dr. Would you like me to go through each post you have posted here and respond? Because I will:
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    Of course it just how people feel, but it happens to be a very strong feeling. Consider the Scots as an example. They are part of the UK, which appears to be an acceptable status quo as of today, but it was a rough ride to get there.
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    The first point made was there no good nutritional reason against it. The second point was there no good nutritional reason for it. Both of those can be true statements. Yes, there are ethical reasons against milk, which I wholeheartedly agree with, but there aren great nutritional reasons against cutting milk totally out of your diet. Milk is like any other high fat food; eat it in moderation, and you be fine.
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    It is one of the most remembered moments in Rotherham United history. Alan Lee had just become a legend for that goal alone and he remembers it fondly!
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    At the same time though, it not like an evil PC day to day, moment to moment motivation for proceeding through the campaign necessarily must follow along with their alignment. It seems doable that you could have a PC whose motivation could be to protect Sandpoint at all costs regardless of the means to do so. Another possibility is that you could have a power hungry PC joining with the party in attempt to take over Sandpoint (or Golaria) for himself.
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    One day, I was hanging out with my sister and cousin while my mom and aunt were out and about. I was playing some game on the Sega (probably Earthworm Jim) while my sister and cousin talked about girl stuff when suddenly my attention was torn from the TV by the sounds of a lot of knocking around and screeching. I look over toward the source of the noise just in time to see a bunch of feathers fly by the balcony door and Midnight trying to snatch the fleeing pigeon out of the air. Basically, one of the girls had opened the balcony to step outside when Midnight took the opportunity to enact premeditated violence against the pigeon.
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    So knowing he was bored being stuck in the hospital for a week already, I brought in my laptop and we watched Deathly Hallows part 2. It got to the part in the movie where Harry realizes he has to sacrifice himself to kill Voldemort. Watching this bit was incredibly hard. I could see my dad reflection in the laptop and he had tears in his eyes. The bit that got to me the most though was when Hermione realizes what Harry has to do and she tearfully says “I go with you”. That cut deep. My dad was scared. I knew this because he had a few breakdowns whenever the doctor would discuss with him how serious this cancer was. It broke my heart. When a loved one is knowingly approaching death you want to stay by their side, you don want them to have to go through something so horrible alone, and you want to be there to give as much comfort and strength as you can so they aren scared. That “I go with you” perfectly expressed how I felt. I didn want to leave my dad side. A few days later he passed away. I am so glad I got the chance to watch the last movie with him. It is a bittersweet memory that I cherish.
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    If any of you have ever seen the festering shitstain that is /pol/ you see it not that different in what being stated
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    I know personally it took me about two games to get used to the combat system that has numbers and after a while it becomes instinctual.
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    My dads been married like five times, and I have had some crazy bitch step moms this lady has got to be put in her place before she causes long term damage to the way OPs kids see the world as adults.
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    My relationship does use primary/co primary/secondary/etc to define individual places. Things are a bit complicated but I do have one primary right now.
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    Adepts need to be like Bruce Lee and John Woo movies. Where is the double pistols and leaping onto rooftops followed by a flying side kick at a patrol drone?overview for RainbowSpectrum
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    I have multiple kinds of thermometer in my kitchen. In fact, I have four. I sure there are other kinds, too, that people use, and not everyone will need all kinds, but you need at least one, and possibly two.
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    Bruce Springsteen flew in and i almost met him. He drove by me while being escorted to his plane. Earlier, his flight attendant gave me flowers from his plane which i gave to my wife friend at work.overview for scipio0760
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    I tried to tell many people this at the time, but they wouldn listen.
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    If I see a guy with a PA at a urinal, my usual line is “you don see many like that” The last guy I said that to replied with “there are a lot more than there used to be”.
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    more than likely around age 10 or 11 at which point i think they will be responsible enough to listen and learn.
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    I in a different situation from you in that we never been able to live together, and unless I can convince someone in Canada to hire me (which is not looking good right now : ) we going to have to get married before we can actually be together together. It incredibly anxiety provoking and just plain depressing. He the love of my life, and he my partner in everything.overview for princessbubblegum
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    What concerns me isn the stretch marks, though. What concerns me is the fact that you lost 40 pounds in two weeks. That very hard to do through excersice alone, and I think you should check your nutrition. A six foot male (I assuming based on your size, sorry if I assuming wrong) should be consuming at least 1200 calories. One of your size and activity level should be consuming even more. Under nourishing yourself will work short term, but the weight will come back with a vengence.
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    This is the key. Lynch footwork as a runner is excellent.
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    The only function that they really would need to worry about using is window text. Like you said blizzard took it out of their warden anti cheat because of the fact that it would possibly cause problems and someone did actually file a lawsuit and won IIRC which is what prompted the removal.
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    The girlfriend screwed up bad but drunk people are idiots. Robert doesn need to press charges if he doesn want to which will save them both money and grief. Clear up the misunderstanding with her and she apologize, leaving Robert to think about what he wants to do. If the writing on the wall, at least this will help them split more amicably.overview for pupupuberty
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    Other touches like wearing a tie (another traditionally masculine piece of apparel that looks youthful and novel on a woman) can fit in your office and your personality.
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    I stumbled upon this Subreddit about week ago. I have learnt many constructive things: such as keeping a bullet point journal and I have ditched video games.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASERight now, I am creating math levels for my students because I have new students added to my class every six weeks. I start everyone off on math 1 (if they can do it, it shouldn take long). People need more assignments and work on specific skills and I can grab them when they get stuck while giving kids that can move along instructions on how to do so. With only 4 or 5 students, you should be able to track their progress and move them on to the next skill by checking their work (and keeping them on task) when they doing assignments. I am almost never sitting down in class.
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    I think that a lot of what being thrown around in here is because of his requirement to keep it all in house.
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    This reminds me of my mother, where she keeps quiet about things and I read negative things into this, and when she eventually says what on her mind, it turns out I was correct and she just wanted to shield me from this stuff going on for her. It hurts me that she puts these ideas above being accepting of me. Somehow it threatening to her to not have a negative explanation to put on my expression. Her particular style is that everything people do is due to childhood trauma, which robs me of any agency or things I do based on me. It very dehumanizing.
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    I think there is something important that you missing. Science cannot prove things. It can only disprove things or fail to disprove them. There is no proof. There are proofs in mathematics, but there is no proof in science. All scientists can do is do an experiment which disproves a law of nature somehow which opens a new area for research or do an experiment which fails to disprove something. There is always the possibility that some variation of an experiment or a totally new attempt to disprove a law might actually discover something.
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    Basically, if he going to make the roster next year, assuming we add to the RB competition one way or another, he going to have to take a big step forward even to make the team.
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    And holy crap! I love that speech by David Foster Wallace! I have it on my favourites and I try to listen to it every so often to remind myself. I feel like if you enjoyed that you also enjoy this. Its pretty long so I don expect you to watch it all but if you ever have enough spare time I really recommend it. 🙂 Are you interested in meditation at all?
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    Business Model. The car sharing business model everyone dreams about is still unproven in China.
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    I been thrown into a very similar situation and it a clusterfuck. I have no background as a teacher, really, and have been somehow teaching a ged class for about two years. I have more students than you do (20ish) and they all students who been expelled or dropped out.
    is christian louboutin shop online real

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    I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable on the stock (you can look through my post history I posted on it a few times). I going to break down why it down, and why I think you ok (market permitting).
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    We haven heard anything about evacuating, and our city is on lockdown after 9pm tonight so I don think I be going anywhere.
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    And you still didn address my main issue I have with your LP: your seemingly glorified idea of colonization.
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    I always thought this sort of villainizing of other women was petty and unhealthy. It just a symptom of jealousy, “Yeah, she might be prettier than I am, but she probably a really shitty person”. Really? If you need to convince yourself of that, you not stopping yourself from getting jealous. You feeding your jealousy.
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    A while back, gryffinp asked for the Investigator to come forward if he had an innocent result on him. But what he did not know.
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    He audibly sighs when he draws cards that don help him and mutters obscenities under his breath. He prematurely scoops if you play a good card, even if it doesn win you the game. (One time I cast a defensive Flying Crane Technique to stop a lethal attack by one of his fliers and he starts counting the power of my creatures and begins scooping up his cards. I explained that the doublestrike and flying only lasts until the end of his turn and I would not be able to attack him for lethal yet. I guess he thought I was using it on my turn?)
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    Had a hellish day yesterday. Got stiffed on a HUGE ticket at work by a huge group that I stayed late for and who promised me “they take good care of me for my trouble” and then they didn talked to the top boss about a bullying issue at work and go the for mentioning it we look into it spiel, checked in on a new job I trying to get and got told decisions have been made yet then I came home and tried to resolve a school website issue which tech support discounted as their problem so I was on my own and THEN I discovered that our internet had been raised from $45 to $60 a month after it went up from $30 to $45 last year at which point I pretty much snapped and called them up and demanded to know why my consumer loyalty was being rewarded by a price increase, only to be told that “yes that exactly what happening but who else are you going to switch to? The only way to switch is to downgrade from 60mbps to 6mbps”. And that was the point where I just had to have a good cry for awhile.
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    Luckily for this poor bastard, I had seen this exact collection of symptoms literally hundreds of times before. My advice to this guy was the same advice I give to all of my similarly afflicted patients: Stop having sex with OP mom.overview for Sensiitivity
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI get what you saying about the IRS, but that a financial thing, not criminal (well, except for tax evasion). I also get what you saying about the free will thing. Something similar happened before Jonestown, where the Social Security Administration met with 70 some people in Guyana whose SSA checks were being signed over to the People Temple. All of them reported that they were there of their free will and not being forced to sign over their checks.
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    As for the efficiency of learning something on your own, I learned Russian that way. The drummer of my band is from Kazakhstan, so I picked up Russian from learning phrases with him, and expanding on that through independent study. If I had a Russian class in my high school, I totally would have taken that. Having an actual curriculum and a teacher, and a daily class set for solely linguistic practice would have helped me so much. The amount that I learned in five or six years of learning the Russian language on my own is about the same as the amount I learned in three or four years of classes in the German language.
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    All a 144 hz monitor is doing is displaying information that your eyes cannot see. Your brain can process information at that rate but not your eyes. It is much better to upgrade your video card and have the higher fps even if your 60hz monitor cannot display every frame.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI from here, but I think that Kansas City, Missouri is a great city for young people. Google Fiber is attracting the tech types (and they even offer a free low tier internet plan). It super cheap to live here we just signed a lease on a small two bedroom house with washer/dryer and a fenced in backyard for $695. We also have really great restaurants. People are very friendly and love outsiders. There is an art school and some fantastic museums here which I feel like have really molded the culture of Kansas City. The city has really transformed and 10 years ago I wouldn have recommended it then. It really almost unrecognizable in a good way.
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    There seems to be some confusion about the topic of this thread. To clear it up, here is a short list of urban design flaws that do not make your city the world worst:
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    Be more focused at work. I let my life distract me too much, and I ready to kill it at work going forward.
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    d) Some people are just really sensitive to noise especially with the way old buildings with wooden subfloors are constructed, move if you can.
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    I a retired accountant. My first job paid $30K a year a good starting salary at the time. My last job 30 years later paid $38K per year. It an incredibly overcrowded profession. You be expected to work very long hours and if you not willing to do that, there are 200 300 applicants out there who will.
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    Well, I hate the childfree subreddit, but I can see why there would be a need for it. Like more of a venting(of a different kind)/advice type of place. You probably lucky, but loads of people are childfree in a religious family that is really keen on them having kids. Or are having a hard time getting sterilised. Getting annoying co workers being weird about childfree stuff. I mean there is convo to be had that isn “I hate all kids and parents”, I just not sure how much so I guess in a way yeah it runs dry unless you try hard by hating every parent ever.
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    T8 You moved very fast on this turn. Would recommend taking a bit more time thinking as there were a large number of possible moves here. While your move was good, you should always be wary of leaving minions on the board of a priest player as they are very easy to heal.
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    I think that a consumer business that killing it and is coming off a huge Christmas quarter that featured a major product refresh probably stands to turn in a better performance than a company that Well, let just say, “not killing it.”
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    I was mainly targeting the sort of java developer who been used to his Hibernate/Spring stack for years and is now exploring Scala and database query solutions. For them Slick is completely new with completely new concepts (not ORM but FRM).
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    1000 of these workers will be required to work 6 days a week. It mandatory. You will be asked to stay late a lot, come in early a lot and will not be given much of a raise no matter how well you perform because they have salary caps for every position that are far below the industry standard.
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    I don know why you added the “stem” part. My guess is that you one of those SRS/feminist whackjobs that has negative feelings about men, and you assumed I am one.overview for revert
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    When you are riding in the city you ALWAYS take the over cautious route because people are shitty drivers. Many times now, because I wait, and I look, I have not been splattered in times in which I could have.
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    Good luck, we here if you need someone to talk to.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEScenarios I seen before:
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    Anarchist: Okay, then. There have been all sorts of successful experiments: experiments with worker’s self management, like Mondragon; economic projects based on the idea of the gift economy, like Linux; all sorts of political organizations based on consensus and direct democracy
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    I don know any of this for certain, this is just hypothesizing based on the year of psychology I did in high school, things my friend shared with me about her encounters with sexually abused kids (she was a daycare worker, then catholic school teacher, and now she teaches special needs kids), what I read of true crime novels, seen of documentaries, and of course a lot of procedurals I watched.
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    I pointed it out because outlets which I have frequented for years literally never ran such stories, but now run one or more per week since Ferguson. It hard not to call it propaganda when it is the police departments releasing these videos they didn used to release in the past, not pro cop editorials using 3rd party videos.
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    I figured that using a console app would force the process to be started fresh and then torn down each time, which would hopefully provide a level playing field. There a loop to perform the work many times. Note that it doesn record the time taken to build the static “generator” delegates, where used you may think that this is a cheat but if the delegate is being called millions of times then the setup cost will be negligible. and if it not being called millions of times then its performance is probably no real problem!
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    In the meantime, get working on your next script so in case anyone wants to meet with you, you have something in the chamber to talk about.
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    If America likes Jerry Springer for the fights and Nascar for the crashes and soldiers for the sacrifice
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    Hope this is somewhat helpful at least, but my school requires us to get a 90% on the practice test before we take the proctored exam at the end of each semester. I use a Linux system at home and can effectively install Silver light without a huge big to do, so I took them all on my (android) phone this semester via their “optimzed for tablets” feature. It worked, they saw my scores and all was well. A bit of a hassle but I was able to complete those requirements. So I think you good as long as its tied to your , they should be able to see that you did whatever you are supposed to do.
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    oh I sorry i should have clarified.$1500 just for the tower, I acquire peripherals/monitor as time progresses. Although I would like to be able to use 4k, did you have a suggestion for monitors?overview for rangeploxx
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    So 2 years ago about this time, Purdue University had a tour featuring all of its major coaches, athletic director, and freshly retired star, Brian Cardinal. I got the chance to meet all of them, and none was better than my encounter with the man, the myth, the legend. Proudly sporting a rock the size of a golf ball on his grizzly finger, Brian was leisurely sitting at the autograph table being outshone by the likes of basketball coach Matt Painter and football coach Darrell Hazell. So, being the awkward guy I am, I started the conversation with him by saying, “Hey Brian! I couldn stop watching your highlight film last night!” I saw him think about it for a second, realizing the video I was referencing, and said, “oh, thanks man.” I forgot how half the video was actually making fun of him. I then asked him how he was able to stretch his career out so long in a time where freak athleticism is almost necessary. He looked up, smiled, and said, “Hustle baby.” He then signed my poster, and the rest of the night he let kid after kid try on his 2011 championship ring. He a big dude with an even bigger heart.overview for QuantumAI
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    Edjuanna (Edna + Dywayne) Mother name is Edna and father name is Dywayne. Mother combined the two by placing father name in between the first two and last two letters of her own name and playing around with the spelling until she liked it.
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    Edit: idk why but this comic just made me have a flashback to this bizarre online game I played once as a teenager where the player was a guy and he had access to a city with stuff like a gym, shops, hotel, sps, club, restaurants etc and you had to fulfill different areas to start approaching women and in order to level up and talk to the women you have to go do gym stuff and buy presents for the girls, earn a car to pick them up in etc. And there were cheese pickup line a b and c choices when talking to women. Like all the women were blonde and of course wearing barely any clothes.
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    At the end of the 1983 “Hawkeye” 4 issue miniseries (seriously it so great, read it if you get the chance), Hawkeye and Mockingbird get captured by the the Death Throws (best villain team ever). Crossfire, the leader, has a plan to kill the Avengers by first killing Hawkeye, and then getting all the other heroes when they come to his funeral (because Crossfire is shitty person). He plans to accomplish both of these with a brainwashing machine that just makes people go batshit insane and try to kill everything around them.
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    (If the rhetorical questions weren obvious enough, testosterone does exactly these things. People undergoing hormone treatment change not only their body, but their behaviour, in either MtF or FtM direction. Men become stereotypically effeminate, women become stereotypically manly.)
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    Not really truth or dare, more like their distant cousin would you rather. Anyway Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz Plasse (McLovin came to our school to promote their web series thing and teach a class at my college. Half way through the presentation they had a would you rather skit they made play and asked if the audience had any questions.
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    That much different than someone saying something to another adult online, something of a far lesser magnitude of offensive. We all have freedom of speech, no legal action taken. But if you act like enough of a dipshit, it can hurt you professionally. If you not making sense, playing some victim mentality, just because someone hurt your feelings when they didn intended to, people won take you seriously either.
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    The original call was suspicious activity because these kids were trying to get into garages in an alley at 5am. Officers arrived, and determined the suspects were in a stolen vehicle.
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    Almost half of all women (49 percent) surveyed said their stress has increased over the past five years, compared to four in 10 (39 percent) men.
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    At the end the girl is saying she too was shocked that it wasn one of the top three big comedians who Elon liked and that cues them to come out and berate the panelists with their style of comedy.overview for ser
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEIt just means that your team will not centre around you with splinter and arage etc. Basic builds, for example one that is condition based, dervs a mes with fevered dreams? Make everyone use a fire spear and use rodgort They still work its just harder to centre a team around you. You can still act as the caller who can ping a target and your heroes can just go to town.
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    2) Adolf Hitler was the leader of a national SOCIALIST party. The third reich was a fascist country, which implies state control of everything. This can be considered a left wing ideology. especially considering his economic policies which were radically anti capitalist (he claimed capitalism was a Jewish conspiracy, which BTW is a load of bs because capitalism had its roots in Christian movements) and purely socialist. Central control of economy, appropriation of private property etc. If not for the war effort, which created artifical demand (not market based demand), German economy as planned by Hitler would have no chances in competition with the emerging free markets of the West. Like any other leftist economic doctrine, but that another story.overview for satans
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    So yeah, since the building is code two separate buildings the fire wall needs to go down to “foundation” through the IA construction. It actually establishes 2 average ground planes (one for each building) which then establishes two “maximum building heights” which creates a cool roof terrace where one building can open up on top of the other.
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    The orange tape around the stock of the gun, what does it do? The orange tape is flagging that has been wrapped and woven around the stock to keep it from further damage and degradation. There is no adhesive on the flagging, adhesive could cause damage to the stock.
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    I say this not from my own experience, but from my army mom For example, she can throw a grenade the safe minimum required distance. Like, she just can Some women can, but you need to really huck those things far.overview for ramachu
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    Everyone suffers from our society definition of gender roles. Do women suffer more? Hell yes? Can we have a truly equal society without both genders understanding and advocating for people of both genders who stray outside society definition of their gender roles? Absolutely not.
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    Go to the folder with the missing file, right click, and choose “Restore missing files.”. That will bring up a window that lets you scroll back through files that used to be in that folder and then chose a single file/multiple files to restore.
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    E: Also not being a three line team anymore doesn help. The loss of Stastny is pretty apparent and the inability for a lot of our forwards to successfully battle in their own end for puck possession. They can get pretty well overwhelmed on good days and really rely on opposition mistakes and jumping on the puck instead of being able to physically win possession.overview for Robby5566
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    I won go through and explain every rule and why it benefits the subreddit, because you can read the sidebar and the wiki and it will tell you pretty much exactly what I would. The /r/AskReddit moderators aren here to try and make your life difficult, I can promise you that.overview for reversemermaid
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    So much held in a heart in a lifetime. So much held in a heart in a day, an hour, a moment. We are utterly open with no one in the end not mother and father, not wife or husband, not lover, not child, not friend. We open windows to each but we live alone in the house of the heart. Perhaps we must. Perhaps we could not bear to be so naked, for fear of a constantly harrowed heart. When young we think there will come one person who will savor and sustain us always; when we are older we know this is the dream of a child, that all hearts finally are bruised and scarred, scored and torn, repaired by time and will, patched by force of character, yet fragile and rickety forevermore, no matter how ferocious the defense and how many bricks you bring to the wall. You can brick up your heart as stout and tight and hard and cold and impregnable as you possibly can and down it comes in an instant, felled by a woman’s second glance, a child’s apple breath, the shatter of glass in the road, the words I have something to tell you, a cat with a broken spine dragging itself into the forest to die, the brush of your mother’s papery ancient hand in the thicket of your hair, the memory of your father’s voice early in the morning echoing from the kitchen where he is making pancakes for his children.overview for SassyKitty5292
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    Honestly, I haven noticed much qualitatively different between working for a man and working for a woman. I suppose it possible that my male bosses have been slightly “gentler” in constructive criticism than they would be with male employees or than female bosses would be with their employees (out of fear of hurting my feelings because I a woman), but that about it.
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    Either way that company really should have the ethical concern to act in fairness at that caliber of a workplace. They not a struggling startup. It pains me to think Oprah brand image is losing sight of the for everyone mentality that it built itself on for over 30 years.overview for reddit4getit
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    Once we have a build, Stable branch servers will be brought offline for the update
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    Patience is a virtue that takes years to master. Don let your past prevent your future. I got a feeling that confession in church and working for the man isn cutting it anymore for you. Instead of fearing the person you use to be, and the person you afraid to become, you got to stimulate and challenge yourself. Are you interested in College? Are you interested in Work?overview for snowboardracer
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    I grew up in a home with no religion. I was saved in my 20’s. I went through many trials of my faith, including my child becoming very ill and disabled. None of these things, while incredibly hard, shook my faith. At the absolutely hardest points of my life, I have been mistreated very badly by Christian people. I was taken advantage of in business dealings, where I operated with the highest of workmanship and moral code, to the point that my savings were wiped out and I almost became homeless. I believe the most important aspect of our life on earth is our relations with others, and our fairness, mercy, kindness, and compassion towards them. I find very few “Christians” who live by any kind of moral code when they are alone. They may go on a “mission” trip where their fellow churchgoers can see them, but put them in dealings with hardworking, honest people and they behave worse than the people one would expect to swindle or harm them. Cheating, lying, deceit, injustice. They truly act like ravenous wolves feeding upon the blood of the weaker, or the not so well connected. I gave up on my faith, not because of the Lord, but because I could not see how those who espoused Christ reflected anything but malevolence. Over and over and over. I still just cannot see how these people reflect anything loving or good. I decided that if this was the family of Christ, I would be much better off without it. And I have been. I do not need promise of reward or punishment to treat human beings with love, kindness, or compassion. Christians have done a grave disservice to the God they profess to follow. They have thrown me dead in the ditch, and then refused me aid. Do I forgive this? Yes, but for my own survival in this world, I will not forget. Being crucified with Christ is noble, but even He did not spend his life upon the cross. I have been greatly hurt, but I am entering a nursing career where I may be of service to the ill and dying, because I love my fellow man. Not those who can do things for me, but those who can’t. Lose money, fall ill, be in a time of misfortune, and they can smell your blood. I prefer lawyers, at least you know what you have there. I don’t know if I believe that intentional acts are sure to be forgiven just because someone is a Christian. Many Christians would do well to stop believing this, they might inflict less harm.overview for Slimjawb
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI like a society that is skeptical of its government.
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    The answer to anybody wondering is not to abandon empathy. It too work on your understanding of self, ethics, justice. Philosophy. They need a surgeon. And you are no doctor. The fact that you find yourself in the company of such a sick person, lends to the thought that you yourself are not in a healthy state either. And trying to perform a delicate operation while being a regular joe battling your own problems would without a doubt make both of you worse.
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    And as I grew, I became better and better. The more I played, the more I fell in love. One of my best friends introduced me to final fantasy, and with him and another friend we played the games together, exchanging tips and tricks. I didn start playing games till about 2002 so everything, especially retro games where amazing too me. The whole story of growing with my mum was the same with my friends.
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    The video is inadmissible in court a jury could never see it or even know of its existence. Based on what evidence they can see, the jury votes not guilty.
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    Then moving on from FLCL, I watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Aside from some similarities in its art style, it really nothing like FLCL. But that fine, because it was a hell of a ride. I really wasn expecting such a dynamic show. It started out one way and ended an entirely different way, but not in a way that felt jarring. I wish the ending was better. Don get me wrong, it was good, but for a show like TTGL, it should have gone cheesier or more sentimental to really make it stand out. As it was, it easily overshadowed by what came before it. If you willing to embrace the impossible and prepare for some serious, but earnest, cheese, I doubt you be disappointed.overview for singerinasmokyroom
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    Family tension. Goes along with 3. Sibling UTMA doesn perform as well? UTMA child gets 100% scholarship but other sibling goes to expensive private school? Nope. Can give that money to the other kid.overview for snarflesnarfle
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    As I age, I am becoming a lot more financially literate, and if I had started out life knowing then what I know now I would probably be only 10 or 15 years away from retirement (I only 27 now). I resent buying a $30k car, when I had a perfectly good one that was paid for in cash by my parents. I resent spending so many years living on my own when I should have had room mates to save on the rent. I resent drinking so much of my money away. I resent putting so much money on credit cards and taking years to pay them off.
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    I have two favourites:
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    That is true and the titles and posts overall are usually terrible. But I really don think expecting the names not to be butchered is too much to ask, when you could just copy and paste them.
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    I keep trying to call the property manager to discuss the possibility of using Soft Paws if scratching is a concern, BUT SHE WON RETURN MY CALLS.
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    In develop, the left hand column is (for now) unimportant.
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    God these responses depress the shit out of me.
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    This would have seemed like a simple silly game to me without knowing the background story. Now I can appreciate how clever that really is. And yet still simple which goes to show that overcomplicating things isn the way to go. I making a mental note from that. I been suggested a few times I should make a mobile game due to my interests in gaming and being a programmer. Now I just need to find out how to translate my life tragedies into something amusing and catchy. Being able to do so does show you have great capacity to take life in stride and be a better man for it. Having recently read The Obstacle Is The Way myself, I can spot some influence there. Great book which I think everyone should read.
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    I not sure that it should be a criterion for “Biggest engineering achievements ever”. It certainly impacts a huge amount of people, but to my knowledge it didn revolutionize or push the boundaries of engineering like other projects have in other fields. Farther up in this thread people were describing the difficulty in making a plane that could go mach 3, which I doubt affects more than a small amount of people overall.
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    Immune cells/cops that encounter a wide range of bacteria learn to see them as valuable community members. Immune cells that have more experience with microbial diversity will become more adept at distinguishing threats they need to take out from harmless prokaryotes that are minding their own business.I being satirical here, but I seriously do think that knee jerk germophobia is a problem. It fuels anxiety about bacterial contamination, overuse of antibiotics, and really is kind of unfair, because most bacteria are pretty cool. The scientists are still working on figuring out what going on with the cytokines, and anybody is making health recommendations based on this research at this stage is speculating.2) I hate the headline. Because as a pessimistic introvert, I often get told to be more upbeat and more sociable. And I like, “No. I act like this because it what works for me.” When I do manage to lull myself into being upbeat, that usually when things go wrong for me. So making it sound like extroverts are “stronger” or whatever kinda bugs me.The other thing is a strong immune response isn always a good thing. There are a lot of chronic diseases that are at least partially caused by overactive immune systems.3) I am really happy to see cytokines mentioned by name on a major ish science news site, but we need to be careful about saying things like conscientiousness may be due to an underlying “immune defect”. Like no. You don have to say defect. You can say “different immune system strategy” or something. 21st century Anglo American culture is already prone to pathologizing personality. Wording matters on stories like this.4) Although the relationship between immune systems and nervous systems is convoluted and not well described yet, it is very much a real thing. Immune cells and neural cells are more similar to each other than they are to most other cell types, and they both pretty sensitive to cytokines (Cytokines are kind of like hormones, except they come from immune cells instead of glands: There are lots of them, they affect just about every system in your body, and they can have huge impacts on your mood.)So chances are, scientists are going to keep finding correlations, feedback loops, and connections between immune cells and neurons.I think it important for people to be aware of this stuff, but I also think we need to be careful about pathologizing the way immune system behavior affects personality, mood, sensory inputs, etc.overview for seagramsextradrygin
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    Either way, you wrong, the SC community is wrong and mostly toxic and frankly I pretty glad you don want to play it because you wrong about what it is.
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    We (mostly) got past it by being honest and realistic about what is a good standard for cleaning, and what just nitpicky bullshit.
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    In my personal opinion, greek life is MUCH larger at other schools. It also probably smaller at others, but when I attended (2010 2014) Greek life was less than %25 of the student body, which is a significantly low number country wide. But in the end it will really be up to your own resolve not to fall in with the freshman who are heading out to get trashed on a Tuesday night. Tough one IMHO! The way I see it, even if you two do manage to go on a few dates, it doesn sound like it going to get any easier with this guy. He still going to be timid and falling flat and you going to have to be the one leading the entire way. And if he really has no experience like you say, down the (hypothetical) road, you will probably find him making similar relationship mistakes that you made, except ones that YOU made a LONG time ago.overview for raychull17
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    I not saying the crowd would have literally torn a pro gunmen placard carrier apart, but they sure as heck wouldn have welcomed them with solemn support for their right to their opinion. I think the part they forgot was that free speech doesn come with a guarantee that no one will be offended. It should, however, come with a guarantee that no one will be killed.overview for SmallTownTokenBrown
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    For the Reddit downvote brigade, I absolutely have no issues with drag queens or trans people (and if anything, love and appreciate them, seeing as how I on this subreddit). I trying to ask a legit question as to whether or not one culture is appropriating another and what the consensus on that is.overview for proteios1
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    The status quo of global capitalism just maintains all the historical problems. Zizek loves to make this point about Congo it a failed state that is held in balance by its embededment into global capitalism. The warlords keep going, the war gets financed, because capitalism has arranged itself with it. Which means that nothing will change as long as the economic relations don change. Capitalism keeps the perpetual murder going.
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    Every social event ever before I learnt Czech was impossible. People treat you like a rockstar on first encounters and then drop you like a hotcake later.
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    Background: I am from California and am currently getting my Doctorate in Japan. I am in the computer science field. In America, I have worked for a Ruby on Rails startup and also a large company as a software developer.overview for Somebody
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    A lot of people call those who judge pit bull type dogs ignorant, but I think what is absolutely ignorant is pit bull owners acting as dog behavior experts based on anecdotal experience. I also witness many of these “responsible” owners who allow their pit bulls off leash in public areas believing them to be gentle and well trained. You cannot predict dog behavior and the way some of these pit bull owners/enthusiasts/advocates behave is actually harmful. In addition, they fight against breed specific legislation which would criminalize breeding and save so many dogs. I see the pit bull advocacy trend as a huge problem for communities and animals.
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    There is good reason to believe that this is not true from several passages of Scripture. True ignorance does appear to be an excuse. While we might go on back or forth about how ignorant is ignorant enough, how much we understand about God and what he requires of us does seem to be a part of determining our fate.
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    This is an Idea to get in to the atmosphere not all the way to the landing pad. So once your in you can fly about in atmosphere like a plane.
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    I an unskilled person using Photoshop Elements spot healing brush.
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    Sometimes, with drug overdoses, all it takes is the stomach rejecting the contents of the stomach after someone has passed out to keep them from dying. Also, it simply not as immediate, leaving time for someone to happen upon them. But it also a relatively painless, if successful, way to commit suicide (assuming you OD on sleeping pills and alcohol or something like that).
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    Saying “well they were doing drugs” without going “and they were great students and they were great sons and friends and everyone loved them” 1) dehumanizes them and 2) kills empathy for them, which unfortunately kills the case. Humans are emotional and social, and if we believe that someone “deserved” to die in some sense, we don care as much about getting justice. Honestly, the whole idea that the victim personality is on trial is some crazy shit, but it how it is, and if the parents and prosecutor don portray them as an angel, the defense will portray them as “thugs” and losers.
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    While I agree that our planet is beyond it capacity, I do not foresee us solving that problem by the fat rather, by swinging open the front door and heading out into the Universe. There is plenty of space; just not here on Earth. To achieve that, I would say we should do a lot more of putting tools, time and resources into the hands of anyone willing to demonstrate a commitment to using them in pursuit of prosperity.overview for quirkiestquark
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    1. Plus, my DOR would NOT be happy at all.
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    I am experiencing a huge amount of anxiety because of that. I am currently porting some code and in the process, I am fixing many bugs. This causes even more anxiety.
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    New to heavy metal in general? Start with the top twelve (12) bands of the Blacklist on the sidebar. These bands are classic innovators in respected heavy metal genres. After that try out the bottom twelve (12) bands to familiarize yourself with current popular bands that people seem to adore. If you already familiar with all of them, then begin ploughing through the Shreddit Popular Albums list and the Shreddit Mod Private Stock for places to start for new music. Want something from last year? Try our Top 10 of 2013.
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    It took me a while to get this one down but NEVER leave the kitchen or enter the kitchen empty handed. There is always something you need to be bringing out of the kitchen to a table, be it a drink refill, side of sauce, box etc. Also never enter the kitchen empty handed. If you just came from the dining room there is most likely something you could be carrying like someone card that needs swiped or empty plates/glasses that need to go to dish.
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    Sort of how AA and NA memebers say “I am an alcoholic” rather than “I am a person with problematic drinking habits”. I AM Bipolar. I not a victim of anything (fate included in that list). Maybe of circumstance, but this certainly IS the case.
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    Let not forget that one of the negatives of riot being so involved in lol esports is that the scene never grew naturally. Most content that isn controlled by riot has never had the chance to grow and probably never will. Things like talkshows / small tournaments / average content is underveloped.
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    1) People are not complaining Many companies are laying off people, and those left are left with the job duties of their departed peers, meaning that they are now required to do the job of two (or more) people with no pay increase. Add to this an economy that doesn allow for many people to simply seek better job opportunities. So some end up working extra hours to complete those extra job duties, with nothing to show for it except not getting fired.
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    scoutzknives servers are still pretty popular in 1.6
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    Anonymous got involved. Turned out to be some high school kid in Ohio making youtube videos that looked like an anonymous message just to get attention youtube
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    The Duke isn by any stretch of the imagination a beast in combat either, but he is at least still fairly good at it while also providing some not flashy but still good buffs to other units in the army.overview for ruthannr94
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    Students studying history at my high school had the opportunity to visit Berlin for a week, because we were studying some of the deeper aspects of the second world war. We were given a tour of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and the experience was understandably grim.
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    Enter imn a revlon owned smaller brand that is specifically for “uncommon” skin colors and darker shades. As a pr graduate I can tell you why businesses do this. Revlon has a demographic, if you asked them they might tell you “she melissa, a 35 year old caucassian woman, has a part time job, a family, and a love for looking professional and natural. She quiet but well put together”
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    Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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    I stop now because I realize I starting to sound like a shill (I not, I promise) but you can get the Matrix and all of the attachments new for less than the price of used tools that can do the same things (since you need to buy like 8 different single use tools).
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    Men: you go back in time and are face to face with 14 year old you. I would then tell him that I am a successful Doctor and that it was all because I did well academically in high school, lifted heavy weights, ate well, and didn care what others thought about my own interests. I would also take him out to do some fun shit, so he has a positive memory of me. It would be cool to tell him about things that he would have questions about such as heartache over girls, stress from school and work, how to get the most of life, etc, etc.
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    If the door has been replaced, it could mean it was in an accident. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but if that is the case you might want to take it somewhere and have it checked for alignment / frame damage.
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    I going to play devils advocate as someone who started in more dynamic languages, a lot of Java users I see come to less verbose languages and then try to start applying Java conventions to much more flexible languages.
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    The reason I say that is because he MAY feel like this was a satisfactory meeting. And that the awkwardness or the physical restrictions of your visit were simply because of nerves or politeness.
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    What detached fucking monster ENJOYS watching soldiers sacrifice themselves? In a fictionalized setting like in a videogame, book, or movie, sure, but in real life? That episode would not get green lighted even if it was blessed by a fucking time travelling Teddy Roosevelt in an apple pie and mom mechsuit.
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    So we eliminated a lot of reasons. What left? Here is an example, albeit one that clearly does not rise to “worst in the world” status:
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    What? The Kit Fox is useless and the Mist Lynx is hands down the worst light in the game.
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    As for the Appletox Honey Cream, it a good product for other people but for me personally, not the ideal formulation for my skin type. It smells gorgeous and the packaging is amazing but it doesn sink into my skin the way other moisturizers do. YMMV but just my two cents (perhaps to make lemmings go away?).
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    Silencing your community because their speaking out against you is not a good way to develop a relationship, especially for an MM0RPG. People who play MMORPG aren your every day FPS fan. We spend exorbitant amounts of time in these worlds, often years. Often losing hours and even days because we are so engrossed in what is happening around us. The reason we stay around is because we have trust in the company that our thoughts and critiques of their game that we have grown to love will be heard and things changed accordingly. In times like this especially we need MORE communication and not to be cast aside.overview for RonPaulPresident
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    And it sounds like you have a pretty low opinion of men to think having children makes them less attracted to their partners. I know plenty of fathers who are still head over heels in love with their wives. Also red wine at least makes me pleasantly sleepy in a way other alcohol just doesn It my go to for unwinding after a long day.
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    There seems to be some confusion about the topic of this thread. To clear it up, here is a short list of urban design flaws that do not make your city the world worst:
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    The lesson to take from this post is: if you going to make a half assed app today, think twice. If you going to make a real good app, do it, your time is now.overview for RentacleGrape
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    I disagree that it “not horrible” to browse these pictures because millions of others have done it, and I strongly disagree with you that the charity should accept the donation.
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    Hahaha, awww! I sorry! People up here always ask me why I would leave such a warm paradise. It like. dude Florida is a state built on a swamp. You living in swamp weather. From central FLA south it tropical weather. It ALWAYS hot. It 80 on Christmas. It humid as fuck. You long for the few days where it in the 50s and 60s for some relief. I spent ridiculous sums of money on hair product just to keep my hair straight, and the second I walked outside it was wavy and poofy again. There is no beautiful, colorful fall. Or spring. The next closest state is Georgia. The constant heat is depressing. I went ahead and self diagnosed myself with seasonal affective disorder in summer. There are only two seasons: really fucking hot really fucking humid and warm mildly humid. Thanks but no thanks.overview for Sillyminion
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    This is a coming out party for those in internet comedy and gaming media to meet with their big media cousins in their own extremist liberal cabals. A lot of these internet media personalities and editors have had the same education big media workers (Hollywood, TV, mass media journalism) and they finally realized that people who consume entertainment aren falling in line. So they huddle together and scheme to influence their own audiences to the world view they were taught in college.
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    Buy The Joy of Cooking. It a great reference book for general technique, and general rules like how long to cook certain types of meat, etc. I use it less for the recipes and more for the sections on technique.
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    1) South Korea ruling the entire peninsula would quite literally put US troops on their doorstep
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEAs I keep. Having. To. Explain. This is the false choice fallacy.
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    This may sound a bit strange. but I have no idea how leggings work. You not supposed to wear them as pants, which I understand, but it seems everyone here is always talking about their favorite leggings as if they staples, and I not sure how people use them.
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    Tv is mainly something I use as background, or watch with my boyfriend. We currently half way through Agents of Shield, season one. So, shush, no spoilers. I recently finished watching West Wing, and really enjoyed it. Good dialogue and not much action makes for a great the background type of show.
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    Grand Budapest Hotel I feel that this is Wes Anderson all around most likable film. It feels like a culmination of so many other Wes Anderson films. Compared to Moonrise Kingdom and Darjeeling Limited, this film was much more accessible. Really glad to see that he receiving much more critical acclaim.
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    More importantly, if you go to TIL submit screen, you will see something there in the text that existed even before our rules. Our vision of what we want the subreddit to be. There it says your “TIL should be something one might find under a snapple cap or yogurt lid”. How many political or controversial tidbits do you find under yogurt lids? As someone who has been with TIL from the very beginning, someone who has spent nearly 6 years helping to grow the subreddit, trust me when I say that TIL is not for controversy, it for “fun facts”.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASETo be fair the two Kingsguard he was going to fight, he would have killed. It not like he walked up to Jaime Lannister and Barristan Selmy like that.
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    One was a trial lawyer at a big firm who was also a pilot. The firm had some airlines as clients and he would first chair the trials involving those clients. The one I saw was just a slip and fall PI case, but it involved a passenger on a plane. There honestly wasn anything different from any other PI case, but they brought the guy in from his home office in another state to do the trial. I would image most of what the guy does general trial stuff unrelated to the airline industry, but they put him on those cases when they do arise.overview for sfrussvb
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    “I was in contact with both Roman and the surgeon who performed the operation in Nashville today. Roman had developed acute abdominal pain in his hotel room last night after his match,” Dr. “This wasn related to a specific injury that occurred in the ring. Roman has had a pre existing hernia for some time, which unfortunately had become acutely painful, which led to him going to the emergency room in Nashville. He was found to have a large hernia that was unable to be reduced, which means pushed back into the abdominal cavity. As a result, it was necessary to perform an emergent operation to open up the hernia sac and try and push it back into the abdominal cavity.”
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    Right but whole foods is not anything new. Like I said most people want to know how much ramen, lentils and lattes they can expect to consume until their next paycheck.overview for ReeRex
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    redditgifts rematcherSecret Santa 2012 x1I totally understand just wanting to be done with it all. The writing up and defending part kind of made me crazy, and small things seemed like bigger problems due to the stress. First, just take a second and breathe. It will get done and you will graduate.
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    There are actually several options for masculine arrangements. Your designer could use only greens (bear grass, lemon leaves, eucalyptus, curly willow, etc). Using some type of container versus a vase will help reduce the feminity (if that what you want). Also, Oriental designs tended to be a favorite with the guys.
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    Bruce Waye and Batman spends months working and training together, but realize that the the portal connecting their two worlds is collapsing. Both having found what they really wanted in each other, true family, a brother, someone who truly knows hold on for as long as they can before they are ripped apart. The second sorrow, the new loss gives them both what they need. Batman a motivation and want to make his brother proud, Bruce Wayne the pain and hurt that makes him capable of fighting evil and corruption face to face.
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    Isaac would be great at this since he is the most experienced one abd I be ok with some over the top combat action, combined with way less ammo and more environment kills turning shooting an enemy into a difficult choice rather than the standard way of handling them. And since they abandoned the horror survival aspect almost entirely in dead space 3 some advanced environment combat and brutal melee could bring back some of that horror survival feel getting you up close with a necro using an armored glove/sleeve and a crude cutting tool to block attacks and pin it down while hacking at its limbs and seeing two more come around the corner knowing you only have 4 rounds in your basic plasma cutter, you have to choose how to spend them. Take out a leg on each to slow them then manually dismember them quickly, very risky at best, use three rounds to kill one than grab the second and fight it which leaves you only one shot for who knows how long, or use one to rupture the coolant line they are about to walk past and then dive tackle one into shards and deal with the second while it partially frozen and disoriented by the painful coolant blast. I see some real potential here.overview for primordia
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    they liked it in the book, but wouldn like it in real life.
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    By the early 1970s, people in academic or research institutions had the opportunity for single person use of a computer system in interactive mode for extended durations, although these systems would still have been too expensive to be owned by a single person.
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    Seek free entertainment. Love music? Don buy CDs. You can find legally free music online. Go to the library. They have movies, music, and video games.
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    The commission has a better option. It can reclassify broadband Internet service as a telecommunications service, which would allow regulators to prohibit phone and cable companies like Verizon and Comcast from engaging in unjust or unreasonable discrimination against content. wrongly classified broadband as an information service during the administration of George W.overview for riteilu
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    The S is defnitely quicker, but most of my driving is in the city, so I don really need the speed. And I older now, so speed isn really a thrill for me anymore.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI think this is definitely part of it, but there are some really well written (and acted, designed, and directed) TV shows out there. I say there a huge difference between watching Jerry Springer and watching The Good Wife, for instance. Just like there a difference between reading 50 Shades of Grey and reading The Brothers Karamazov. I also think part of it might have to do with reading requiring a skill. Reading is more active and obviously requires literacy, as well as reading comprehension.
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    I don have to flat out lie to my dad yet, but it takes everything I got in me to conceal my honest reactions and facial expressions when we talk. 99% of the time I tell myself to “go with the flow”, do everything I can to make it as pleasant a conversation as possible and most importantly avoid making my dad feel stupid or embarrassed at all costs.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI get what you saying about the IRS, but that a financial thing, not criminal (well, except for tax evasion). I also get what you saying about the free will thing. Something similar happened before Jonestown, where the Social Security Administration met with 70 some people in Guyana whose SSA checks were being signed over to the People Temple. All of them reported that they were there of their free will and not being forced to sign over their checks.
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    I been alpha/beta testing it. It actually quite a bit different from league. They have around 5 different maps that all play very differently. They each have different kinds of objectives that help you destroy the enemy base. For instance one map you gather seeds to grow asuper plant that you control. On another you capture relics to appease a raven lord that curses your enemies minions and fortifications. It seems to me that they plan to keep them coming too, as they just released a new one.
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    What broke down my ability to support it eventually and this threatened my relationship with this woman, was that the statements in feminist articles posted online that this woman agreed with were offensive to me. They spoke of men in very generalized language without clarifying the culture of men they were speaking about. I give them credit that perhaps their experiences with men are true, but the way they project it into other men such as myself, only results in male allies being extremely alienated from their cause.
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    You wanting to have personal hobbies isn the problem. It the required time commitment and frequency. Look at it from a potential partner standpoint. What going to happen on the romantic date weekends? You take off Saturday morning and go fishing while they do what? Sit around the hotel and be bored waiting on you? Go do their own thing? How the hell are either of those options a “romantic get away?”
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    I really enjoyed this season as a whole (minus the last ep. I would have loved for it to end all doom and gloom with dandy in charge) I didn feel like it was too jumpy, there were lots of “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” moments, which i LOVE. and dandy is easily my favourite character of all seasons. i love to see evan peters play a role like that as well!
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    Oh they will love having their own bag to carry. Actually carrying it is very dependant on the kid and 6 may not be too young for yours. It won be until after a couple of hikes that they realize just because they can lift it doesn mean they can carry it so be firm about what goes in it and it will be fine. If they have to take toys limit it to one and keep an eagle eye on it. No matter how cool the hike is leaving a toy in the woods could ruin everyone day. Other than that the only stuff they would have on a day hike would be some tail mix, a sandwich, bottle of water and maybe a jacket depending on your weather.
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    jump to contentmy subredditsgifts on behalf of /u/seriallysurreal have helped pay for 231.26 minutes of reddit server time. His behavior pattern and mental state were also totally different from Adnan
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    For EE i think either would be good. MathCad is generally just a CAS but it is easy to setup assignments and documents in it. Whereas MATLAB is just to make calculations and simulations (I use LaTeX to write and format all my documents, and MATLAB for the calculations). I mostly used MATLAB in Computer Science classes and for Statistics, but it is also very good for making simulations. I used it for brainwave recording/simulations and it even supports circuit design and simulation.
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    If we encounter something it is likely that it is far more advanced only because if they even able to say hi back they technologically capable and, like you say, the odds of them being at the same rate of technology is laughable, they probably far far more advanced.
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  536. trikot michael jordan

    I like TSM but this perpetual hate vs journalism in this sub is kinda ridiculous. I mean fuck, if you start openly blacklisting journalists and than don expect any backlash for it that just stupid.overview for pricklypearanoid
    trikot michael jordan

  537. mcm designer

    Holy shit. I sorry I even continued this conversation. I just took a look at your page and realized you just an angry, self proclaimed genius. You will never always agree with someone but that doesn mean they an idiot. That not what I think of you, and that not what you should think of me. Look at all of your comments and tell me if you didn know you sent those messages you wouldn think “wow, this guy is an asshole.” There is no part of me that wants to continue any conversation with you. I wish you luck, brotha.
    mcm designer

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    Honestly you can run most hero/hero support builds and be fine unless you doing DOA or something like that. Mine are more focused around condition and hex removal and armor ignoring (mes/nec/rt)overview for skilliard4
    oakley x squared

  539. wellensteyn cliffjacke

    From what I remember the rickets thing had to do with the mother being vitamin d deficient which led to the child developing rickets early in life, maybe from lack of vitamin d while developing or breast feeding or something. It was an article ages ago though so I could be wrong.
    wellensteyn cliffjacke

  540. mcm cromer

    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI surprised this isn getting more press. I guess missing airliners and deflated footballs make a sexier headline.
    mcm cromer

  541. bogner dsv jacke

    Finally. I am 41 years old and had a marriage end ten years ago. I had a couple of non serious relationships always too scared to get too close to anyone, frightened of how badly I been hurt, and to be honest I think I nursed those scars a bit, kept on re opening them by remembering how totally I had loved my XH. I saw our marriage in terms of him being The One True Love Of My Life. Utter bullshit, he was a nasty self absorbed shithead (and remains one to this day making babies and abandoning them, ruining many lives just because he incapable of being faithful). Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I am in a loving relationship with someone who has taken on my teenage children as well as battle scarred old me. There is hope.
    bogner dsv jacke

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    10: middle, right wall, whatever. Just don go on the bridge.
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    Besides, at my old job (granted it was stocking shelves but still) I managed to do tasks faster than the time they gave me for it. You know what they did? No raise, no promotion, nothing. Instead they lowered the allotted time to match the time I actually spent on it. Which meant that everyone else got screwed since I was faster than them.
    mcm stuttgart

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    The point of all that is that it isn being put on “the list” that can have bad consequences.
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    Setting consistent rules and following them consistently is the way that things will get better, but that is going to take awhile. It sucks. Been there. Done that. If she doesn eat her meal then put it in the fridge and take it back out when she says she is hungry (man this one drove me nuts! and is still an issue from time to time, but rarely).
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    The reason I wanted to just get drunk and bang someone was because I was feeling totally worthless in my life and just wanted to do something a bit out of control and childish (I was 23 at the time). So I called a friend, bought some condoms, tidied my room, shaved my legs and off I went. I feel as though I could have done these things sober, and have in the past, but I didn want to be sober.
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    The next morning I told my grandmother the story. She opened the family photo album and bam, there he was, in the same freaking rocking chair. It was my great grandfather who passed when I was 10, my grandparents took it when he died. That photo album has scared me more time than I can count. Plenty of those stories.
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    As to where, Tequila Rok had great sound and a lot of people play there. Log on Cafe is making a come back of sorts, they had some amazing acts come through. Texas Rose is good if you want to get really grungy. Beaux jangles and Okee dokes occasionally have decent band. Thirstys doesn do much life music, but every now and then someone pops up there and I even seen some good local stuff at madisons and kampus Korner.
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    No, it’s not. There’s no point to exchanging one bad man for another bad man and men are the gatekeepers of commitment. Finding a man to be in a LTR with is easy for most women, but finding a good man to be in a LTR with is not. If you’re with a bad man and you know that you’d be worse off alone, but you can’t find a man who is better than him, then you are “stuck with” that man.
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    It is rare that you see developments like the ones OP linked to, but every time I walk by one, I usually look at it and cross my fingers that one day it will get more popular and that I be able to afford one. High density, low rise is where it at.
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    He replied to my text this morning saying he fallen asleep really early (he only got about 2 3 hours because we had a late night and he had work at 6). I think things will be okay!
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    So, yes, burpees or pushups, being a bodyweight exercise can be a good, quick workout. You absolutely DO build cardio also.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEIf you can pass for a college student then you can sometimes get free food from the dining hall.
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    The moderators gave me that flair. I prefer expert, because people like /u/mkjcaylor are actual professionals. I just post stuff on here, /r/batty, and /r/batfacts to hopefully dispel some of the negative stigma surrounding really interesting and mostly beneficial creatures.
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    Little known fact: In an archaic form, this word was a racial slur against black people. Did you know that? Probably not, because nobody can even really remember when white people were racist. It was so long ago that it holds almost no meaning today!
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    This fuckin sub isn “One quick trick to being perfect Jesus doesn want you to know”, it about motivation. Motivation more than anything is what holds many of us back. Realizing you are the only agent of change in your life is often a life changing moment for people, and either you got lucky and knew it before or you didn and you gonna say that about everything in your life up until you realize it or die.
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    I thinking the concussion you suffered after your tumble down that slippery slope led to some brain damage. America doesn like Jerry Springer fights or Nascar crashes because they enjoy death. They enjoy them because of the macabre theatre and slapstick hilarity, respectively.
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    The Yanks are over their bonus pool already, failed to make any major moves in free agency, and have relatively substantial holes looming in the infield. This kind of huge splash, while keeping with their theme of getting younger and more flexible, just seems to fit a little too well. Plus, the Yanks international reputation is second to none and that would seem to play a role in choosing between two equal offers if it comes down to that. As for the other connected teams.
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    Not only that it is not the IRS your are screwing, it is the rest of the country, the IRS is just a boogie man for you to hate. I folks at the IRS don give a personal crap about your taxes, they are just doing a job, a thankless job. As a business owner i have had personal dealings with the IRS, and if you are not trying to “screw the IRS” and don scream at them they are actually nice and helpful.
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    I read this a long time ago in high school and forgot most of its contents. But it really interesting for me to revisit, because it demonstrates so well just how radical MLK was in his time. For instance:
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    We don need to hunt down flaws in beautiful people to make ourselves feel better. We don even need to assume they have flaws. I think all we need to assume is that they have feelings, that they are just as much a person as we are, and they probably wouldn feel very good knowing that someone is trying to prove that they less than they are.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEDon feel bad, I use to work over nights and at 11 we stopped offering everything but stuff that takes quarter pounder meat and southern style chicken. Had a lady come through order an Angus burger fresh so they cook it, take it straight from the grill to her bun. It was a new guy so he didn know the burger finished cooking in the holders so they can still be a little pink right off the grill.
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    Guarantees a minimum living standard. Though it subjective/politicized, people may be entitled to a certain basic standard of living, regardless of whether they are momentarily able to participate in the labor market. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25, states, “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.” (United Nations, (UN)).
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThat rough. I worked as a nursing assistant for a while. I ended up working through an agency that would send me to different nursing homes and hospitals that had staffing needs. Doing that I was paid quite a bit more than the on staff people. They hired assistants and nurses.
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    And unless you prepared to admit you appreciate the wiggles to the same extent your random four year old does, you agree. Now, if you a fan of the bands I mentioned, fine. You either young, you don listen to music much, your enjoyment is mostly nostalgia driven (consciously or unconsciously), or you not capable of developing a richer appreciation for music for whatever reason. All of those things are fine, but if you take offense to that, that your problem, not mine.
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    Money has always been a factor in politics, but we are seeing something new in the no holds barred flow of seven and eight figure checks, most undisclosed, into super PACs; they fundamentally threaten to overwhelm the political process over the long run and drown out the voices of ordinary citizens. We need to start with passing the Disclose Act that is already written and been sponsored in Congress to at least force disclosure of who is giving to who. We should also pass legislation prohibiting the bundling of campaign contributions from lobbyists. Over the longer term, I think we need to seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process to overturn Citizens United (assuming the Supreme Court doesn revisit it). Even if the amendment process falls short, it can shine a spotlight of the super PAC phenomenon and help apply pressure for change.overview for prettybiiird
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    But when you watch something like an evening with Stephen fry it isn laugh out loud funny, its just at parts witty while being extremely entertaining. So I would rather say that he is a top tier entertainer, he is the perfect dinner party guess, able to talk about everything and anything, great storyteller but no comic performer. Laurie for sure but thats because he is a proper actor. Stephen on the other hand is someone that gives you joy by just being himself. His presence in itself is a delight. But once you remove fry from the equation seldom of his works, be it his documentaries, or qi or most of the stuff he is involved in remain entertaining.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEyou don have to. they not exclusive. I did want to point out that at the end of the day that money is what these companies care about. if you want to make yourself heard your dollar is more important than a letter. don buy brands that don carry your skin tone and perhaps encourage others to do the same. if a particular shade from one brand starts to sell well the company will take notice much more quickly than a letter. and if people buy from indie brands like iman or black radiance more often then these brands wouldn be indie anymore.
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    Last week I got out of a military inpatient psychiatric ward. I was in there for a week for acute ever depression (officially diagnosed with “Adjustment Disorder with depressive mood”). The care there was. interesting. It really felt more like a holding tank than anything else. Once per day, and only ever once per day, you talked to a doctor and discussed treatment (except weekends and holidays). We had a few group therapy sessions each day, and those were generally alright. focusing mainly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (why we think what we think in situations).
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    I also mentioned that knockout targets create involuntary responses, you don have to knock them out completely but just hit hard enough to force them to take a knee or daze them so you can turn your ass and run, and power comes more from technique than it does muscle mass. Sticking your hand in their face to jam something in something as small as the eye is just asking to get grabbed. Bigger, faster, and easier to hit targets are available with much less risk if you going to hit someone.
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    One big thing, for me, with clothing made with animal products is the warmth they provide. I really don believe that synthetics can be as warm as animal products. I live in Sweden where winters are cold warmth is pretty important to me. Sure, it selfish, but if a down coat or sheepskin jacket is going to provide me with maximum comfort during my morning commute, I going to go with that. I think buying animal products second hand is great (both for animals and wallets) but I can say I don buy leather products new from time to time.
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    My own attitude toward dating and relationships is gender neutral: If you like someone, ask them out.
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    If the vault’s timer runs out, the data is lost. Rewards are based on the number of vaults successfully cracked. In regular missions, you need to successfully extract data from at least one vault. All three must be attempted before extraction is available. Lose all three, and the mission is over.overview for quinn
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    It a bad situation when someone is sad because they aren pretty. But the problem isn that they think they aren pretty; the problem is that they think it matters so much that it should affect their happiness. We shouldn just keep telling girls that they pretty that just reinforces the idea that being pretty is important and not being pretty is a bad thing. And there will always be girls who aren pretty, and who are aware of that no matter how often people tell them otherwise. I just wish people would let me be happy without thinking I pretty, rather than trying to convince me that I pretty, as if you can only be happy if you attractive and you know it.overview for RealEbolarama
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    I really don want to generalize or be rude, but many of these Redditors seem to be lazy, unintelligent and ignorant, which seems to provide an adequate explanation to why they don get hired. Instead of using their time to be productive, such as by improving their skills (no excuses, as there so many useful free online courses, such as saylor, coursera, duolingo and skillshare), they spend hours on the internet whining about their problems like teenagers. Australia unemployment is at 6.1%, not perfect but still decent. Being a native citizen from the outset gives so many advantages in the job market compared to an immigrant. The immigrant has to be impressive in some way so they can entice the employer to hire them over a native, who needs no visa, is adapted to the local culture and will not face ethnic/religious discrimination. My immigrant friend, who is an Ivy League graduate, who applying to a bunch of jobs in the US says that while the interviewer was impressed by her or the application was well received, as soon as she mentions that she not American, the application gets rejected. Also, this myth that the immigrants use up public services more than the native population has been debunked so many times:overview for shuttleworth
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    I don have a preference about my bosses genders in terms of making my work “easier” or “harder”. My only preference is that there be even more women in positions of power because I think it important that women are represented in all fields and at all levels (and same with men).
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    As to who determines what the threshold for compliance is, well I wager that in the NFL it probably a mediator if Lynch wanted to challenge it. They (or a judge in a more traditional contract) would look at all the facts, determine what the parties meant in the contract as clearly as he/she could, and decide if the player met the burden. In this case I pretty sure that whatever the contract says, it be pretty clear that what was intended is that the player interacts with the media in a meaningful way. One of the guys I went to high school with was a very decent running back some years ago and never talked to the media much. Turns out, he really boring to talk to, a little shy, and generally shit on camera. Nobody ever gave him any flack for it, he was doing what he could, he just didn make good news.
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    People who use their turn signal too late. Even if it doesn impede my driving at all, it just shows that you suck ass at driving and have no care whatsoever for doing it properly. Sitting in the right lane and they don turn it on until they get to the corner? Fucking idiots.
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    To me, there a huge difference between lashing out at one press conference in the heat of the moment (although I don condone it) vs. continuing to lash out, yet not being able to back up those words.
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    Crew on the ship, such as Janitors, make around this amount as well, and if the boat is even 1 minute late docking (which most are), they receive another full hour of pay. If the last boat of the night is 1 minute late docking (which most are), they receive another 1.5 hours of full pay. The Director of Information Services also makes a 6 figure salary with full benefits and pension.
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    Do you think the EU will become it’s own country, with a combined military and parliament? They already have only one guarded border, and the nations mostly use the Euro. That I American. That my country is America.
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    My endio is not the greatest in the world and I don really entertain much they have to say. He can be dismissive of personal experience, and generally doesn follow up on what seems to be simple patterns.
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    They say it took 5 days for me to wake up. It was a fancy hotel room in New York, where a small cage was placed by the TV. Inside, a small white mouse ready to verify if It had worked. I was alive, so at least partially. I checked myself in the mirror: the serum worked perfectly as intended; no visible scales, no fangs, x rays in the bathroom showed no poisonous deposits and my skin tone was the same no sunscreen white it had always been. A note warned me to monitor my vitals, and call some number if I noticed anything (so they could come and kill me to hide the evidence). All in all, a success. I picked up the mouse and placed my lips gently against its forehead. He was dead by the time He returned to the cage. It worked. I had become the most poisonous creature in the world. And like the most efficient predators, completely undetectable. The venom didn match any of the cataloged at the lab I started working at 3 months ago.
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    I like the way you describe this. but I wonder if I can make it work for me.
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    I a guy (27) who never been on a date, kissed a girl, etc. I always desired non family human intimacy and rarely experienced it. I have friends, sure, and some of them are close friends. I have a job, live in my own apartment, I in decent shape, etc, but aside from a few awkward high school slow dances, I never really experienced any kind of sexual/romantic interaction.
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    If you have any suggestions on how we could better communicate that TIL is for fun facts (and not agenda pushing) I all ears. 🙂 We welcome any all suggestions.
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    My other thought is that you had a great fish and it got tangled on a crab trap. The crab traps were a huge problem on turtle and I lost a few good fish to them, but whoever was putting them there has moved to a new spot. It possible you got stuck on one a day before they switched locations.
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    I suppose the theory is 3 hours is soon enough that a big debate is unlikely to have taken off.
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    A skilled pilot would keep the lines close together at a greater risk but would be faster at entering the atmosphere. a newer pilot would take it slower keeping the lines further apart, it would take a little longer but its safer.overview for sharpiefairy666
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    The thing with Raw vs Impact (match wise) is that matches rarely ever matter on Raw. You know it either going to have a bs ending or will be a short match. I can get invested in Raw matches for this reason, along with add breaks mid match killing immersion. Wheras Impact always have PPV quality matches. I get that they don have even half the amount of PPVs as WWE so they need to get quality matches in somehow, but that exactly the point. Impact is without doubt ahead of Raw wrestling match wise.overview for SirDigbyChknCaesar
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    In it pro corporate, pro government and lapdog media we tend to hear the angle that dismisses these people and their manifestos. There are problems in our culture and the powers that be are goin to great lengths to keep us arguing with each other rather than see what they are up to. I no different. I would have dismissed the guy as a crackpot. The pendulum is swinging. If investigative journalism still,existed, I would like to know more. I fear the left wing media will dismiss him as he is clearly motivated to anger and murder by too much leftist media. I think the right wing media has already lost credibility. I fear, therefore not much will come of this.overview for protocliff
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    I have read alot of comments and messages of support and im still reading through them all. I want to say thank you for all of your kind words. It is easy to forget that im not alone when im in the pit of shit I wallow in on a daily basis. I have received alot of tools and information from posters here that I do intend to look into. I dont plan on rolling over to die yet, if all else for my friends and family whom I would crush.
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    I used to absolutely devour MAKE: magazine, although the stuff in there might be a little amateur for what sounds like a very impressive skill set. Maybe you could come up with a project you guys can work on together? Since he be helping you with something you want to do, he might not feel like it was a waste of time. The tiny house movement might be something to look into, although maybe I just particularly partial to it. Does he have any interest in teaching or helping out in a some kind of fabrication lab? I know that near me there a great place called Artisan Asylum that could be a fun place to check out. Sorry I don have more reading recommendations, most of the stuff I read isn focused too much on fabrication and more a refined design process. we can be pretty wordy folk.
    tory burch baby bag

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    I sure there will be a lot of responses along the lines of “what does 2 hours matter if it affects the health of your baby?!” There are a lot of things that people say, “Why would you [do/not do something] and risk harming your baby?” I find this thinking judgmental and wrong. There are a lot of choices people make everyday in life that put themselves or others at risk in various ways (driving a car, for one) yet when women are pregnant suddenly it is all about what they can and can do.
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    The military is used to enforce our economic desires abroad. Thinking of switching off the dollar as your international trade currency? Let me remind you that we have the best false flag operatives in the world AND the world first and second largest air force.
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    I appreciate the sentiment and it didn feel like you were undermining at all 🙂
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    M measurable (how will you measure this goal? are you going to keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke a day, week, month? how are you going to measure whether or not you going to be more active? maybe you can write down the days that you workout on a little calender)
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    Mulligan I might have thrown the eviscerate as well. At the time, you had the great play of T2 coin perditions blade to kill his 2 drop and give you board control. Additionally, you need a solid turn 4 play to ramp to.
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    Diffusion is the movement of things and ideas from one culture to another. When diffusion occurs, the form of a trait may move from one society to another but not its original cultural meaning. For instance, when McDonald first brought their American style hamburgers to Moscow and Beijing, they were accepted as luxury foods for special occasions because they were relatively expensive and exotic. In America, of course, they have a very different meaning they are ordinary every day fast food items.
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    For what it worth, I use the elliptical for a half hour before I lift. I had a mixed athletic background before I found a routine that really worked for me played a sport in undergrad, then went into cardio bunny mode for a bit while I rehabbed my knee, and worked back into weight lifting. When I first got back into weight lifting, it was in a commercial gym that was rather bro y and intimidating as hell. My gym now is actually really damn welcoming. I once asked a guy how many sets he had left and he insisted I swap in with him, as “it all our gym!”
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    Many of the top parses aren even unusually short fights, but very well good parses by skillful players. That can be said by the large majority of the parses used in a data set which encompasses anythingas low as the 75th percentile.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThis was my mum. She was a teacher but quickly rose to director of technology for the school district. (4 yrs teaching, 3 yrs IT, 2 yrs dean, 1 yr assist. Principal, 3 yrs principal). She then applyed for the Assist. Superintendent position (which it seemed she was favored for among the town) but she didn get the job. I have never seen my mother so unhappy at work or unwilling to work in my life. She is miserable. If I could go back in time I would tell her never to take the direct of IT job. She now applying to out if district principalships as that is where she was happiest. Its so sad to see her like this. Just know you aren the only one who is dealing with this kind of problem in the workplace.
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    You wanting to have personal hobbies isn the problem. It the required time commitment and frequency. Look at it from a potential partner standpoint. What going to happen on the romantic date weekends? You take off Saturday morning and go fishing while they do what? Sit around the hotel and be bored waiting on you? Go do their own thing? How the hell are either of those options a “romantic get away?”
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    FWIW, in most states, you can just “walk into a pharmacy and ask for naloxone” as it actually not over the counter almost anywhere (tons of various drug boards will affirm this). You usually have to see a Dr. who specialized in prescribing it, and that usually runs $250 a visit.
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    Looks like an improvement over your last deck. If you want to be pure aggro, then consider removing flare, belchers, and highmanes. Pick up a second knife juggler and animal companion (you definitely want 2x of each of these). Knife juggler becomes much more consistent if you have two of them and can pair them well. Animal companion is just too good for the cost. The 4/4 will protect your board and is solid face damage if it lives. The 2/4 buffs your other minions better than dire wolf can. The 4/2 is great instant damage.
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    Also, we need waaaayyy stricter rules on people having children. So many people are up in arms about marriage laws which affect very little in the real world, whereas literally anyone can have a child whenever they damn well please, which has many financial, economical, and medical impacts.
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    First, I would email Dr. He doesn need to know all of the background stuff (Mcdonalds, job application stuff) but see if he can give you any advice. Your original story sounds a bit “woe is me” at first, so try to avoid that. He really nice and if you tell him that the counselors aren getting you anywhere, and that you really want to come back to UCF because of your love for programming, then he might be able to do something. You may also want to email Dr. You may have to go through some board review process to be allowed back in school, or write some sort of essay about why things are different now, i don know for sure, but I can imagine the school wouldn let you back in, they let just about anyone into the school.
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    In order to stop the poverty, wars, corruption, etc etc. I believe that it would be in the best interest of Europe, to form a united force and invade big African nations. Remove the old government using brute force and establish a totally new government. Not one of your own, but one of ours. A colony not of people, but of culture.

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    I like TSM but this perpetual hate vs journalism in this sub is kinda ridiculous. I mean fuck, if you start openly blacklisting journalists and than don expect any backlash for it that just stupid.overview for pricklypearanoid
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    I think you wrong, i don think people are waking up, from talking to people i know ( anecdotal i know) and seeing people response to story after story about how the government treats us like an enemy to be kept at bay, i think the overwhelming majority of people don care. You say the system it less than ideal, but its more than that its impenetrable.
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    By this I mean that saying “I have an illness” feels like a huge excuse [for me ONLY I DO NOT interpret others as saying this.].
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    None of my other friends had any of this. They needed to work, they had to pay for their own cars if they even got one, they certainly never had a laptop at all (let alone when they were 11), and they had only a single shared family PC which was horribly crappy and could barely run an internet browser.
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    “I believe CMV” Less direct responses due to not as many people disagreeing, but at least they do show the other side to the argument due to rule 1.
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    Siiigh. Once more I will say abortions will always happen. There have always been women who wanted abortions and there always will be. You can either make it legal and safe, or illegal and dangerous. Women have and will always find a way to terminate pregnancies.
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    I feel like most of the talent in Marvel sounds really burnt out. Aren they notorious for paying the least to talent and making no backend deals, at least according to that Hollywood Reporter article?
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    i don think they tested inflammation on the bloodwork. i had plenty of blood testing done and i usually grab copies of the results to have a look myself. i didn see the results of this one but i don remember seeing anything like that on the requisition and it was never discussed in the results. nearly positive it was just standard cbc, thyroid, liver, etc. i believe my md would have mentioned it. i guess i just assumed that sort of blood test was somthing left to a gastro?
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    The campaign is not about saying anything is immoral, it is merely challenging the way women are perceived in society, and the way in which the female body is casually objectified on a regular basis. It is certainly not about making specific attacks on the women involved, but the culture that thinks this is acceptable and normal.
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    As for your case study, I seen that first hand too.
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    Of course, we would also have to outlaw people having a dog if they have full time jobs (being alone all days is not emotionally healthy for a social animal) and most of the meat and dairy farming going on today.

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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEreddit moldBy and large, I a coffee person. Moreso now that I work at a cafe, one of those “hipster” joints in the city that is all about transparency, independence, roasting, quality, (insert more buzz words), etc. Why am I a coffee person? Because when I was in high school I thought I would be cooler and have a distinct affectation amongst my friends. (I went from hot chocolates to mochas to lattes to black Americanos to black single origins.) Now all my friends know me as a coffee snob.
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    The New Orleans Police Department and UNO Police Department are pursuing a suspect in the area of Pontchartrain Halls, where they have set up a perimeter.overview for poopmast
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    But, in reality, most people have guilty pleasure when it comes to books and TV. I read a Stephen King now and then and I get super excited when there a new Pretty Little Liars. I think it silly to write all TV off as unintelligent or unartistic.
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    I sure hope so. The world needs groups like PEGIDA to counter the leftist extremists that keep allowing 7th century mythology cultists that support killing apostates, severely oppressing women and homosexuals, support stoning people to death for sex outside of marriage, and many other atrocities on islamic grounds. Enough is enough with this trash. If we want to offer asylum to people we should give it to people who share our values from these war torn countries and not the kind of people who started the war and turned the country into a backwards shit hole with their 7th century nonsense. We have a right to turn down these idiots and only allow certain asylum seekers, the ones who are willing to modernize and integrate. The leftist extremist brought PEGIDA on themselves with years of pandering to Islam and by being unwilling to criticize it with the same ferocity they do to other ideologies.

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    Similar, but I don have a picture. I was driving around exploring the back roads around my college, turned a bend to find this huge vacant mansion. Got out, walked around to look at it a bit then went back to the car. Couldn find my keys in any of my pockets. I retraced my steps around the perimeter of the house and finally, giving up, walked to the closest neighboring house to call someone to get the extra key from my apt and bring it out (this was before cell phones).
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEOkay, first to clear up any misconceptions and give you fair warning I would take your guildy word with a grain of salt in the future.
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    The Valvetronix definitely isn worth it unless you can find one used for a good price, which is probably possible.
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    You seem to take umbrage that I would compare the threat of terrorism and its capacity to cause deaths and injury to other threats such as homicides by strangers. Why you take this approach, eludes me. Surely, when considering where to allocate police and security resources we need to take into account where they can be best be used to save the most lives, prevent the most injuries, and protect the most property. Or don you agree? I wondering if your desire to see terrorism in isolation is that when compared to other threats it becomes apparent that it is not very significant, and you find that fact untenable or inconvenient.
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    I don know if this is at all related to your comment anymore, but that my experience with mental health care, and though it was different I do agree with you. I just haven told anyone about my time there since I was discharged.
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    reddit goldSince January 2015Nah, some neckbeards are milder than others and some women are more able to ignore the horror/have become desensitized to it. They can do nice things for women, they just usually tend to complain and make much ado about it while doing it and make their expectations of physical repayment very obvious. It icky.
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    I only had three psychedelic trips, and it been two years since my last one. I really not sure if it something I want to do again, at least not for a while. ive been highly considering trying ayahuasca, but Im not sure I want to be blown into the ether right now.
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