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    That said, I found it less and less enjoyable. I don even mind the scifi, it the endless, very specific “established universe” prompts (fanfics). It too constraining for my tastes, and most people are about as good at writing other people characters as they are at impressions. not good.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEWhen you completely exclude aboriginals and native Americans from the game and make it into empty lands where they should exist while saying that you being faithful to the time at hand, yes, you are implying that aboriginals didn exist. You implying that very much.
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    Second, if the Patriots are able to prove their innocence, they will publish an article saying “the media jumped to conclusions and were unfair to the Patriots” they won blame themselves they just blame “the media.”
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    So he points out that like we know that some deductions and credits start to phase out. I not sure if he understood my question completely. I think he read it more like, do people pay more in taxes as they get older. I was asking more specific like “Can someone who made $110,000 and took home $85k after taxes make $115k and take home $84. But still, looks like it must happen more often than I thought.overview for ryegye24
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    Could you do me a hand and sort of analyse this for me? It the way I behave and I can understand it.
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    edit: Also on the landlord front, it sounds like even with their rentals they try to stay as “hands off” as possible. So I wouldn expect much help from them for anything other then “emergencies”.
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    Edit: After obsessing about this for most of the day and trying to find it on the webs, I think this is it. Except for a short bout early in the trip, I managed to stay digestively sound through the summer. My companions, who followed all the precautions wound up getting repeatedly sick. We concluded that I got my system accustomed to local bugs from the get go whereas the smallest sketch thing they ate would send them straight to Poopsville.
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    Why do people buy organic vegetables and meats but not real soap? I know plenty do, but more people need to. It not the end of the world to spend $6 $10 a month on a bar of soap for the beneficial qualities.
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    The third time was the most intense NRE/limerance experience I have ever had ever. I was literally lovesick it hurt to be away/to think of him with his other (primary) girlfriend/etc. That same existing relationship was VERY rocky at this point, and I finally ended it.
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    Because you can be female and have relationship problems that have absolutely nothing to do with being female. Such as having a passive agressive partner and then on the flip side having a partner who says misogynistic things during fights. The first one is a normal relationship problem that does not relate back to OP gender while the second one is a direct correlation with OP gender and their SO perception of their gender. The second opens all kinds of possibilities for discussions, like how to possibly open the eyes of a misogynist.overview for realberbersilver
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    I was hired in my late 20 and was automatically earning more than my coworker who was in her 50 and had worked there 23 years.
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    Update 2) Good news, everyone! My friend (who, to avoid confusion, from here forward we call R. The mutual friend can be N) replied to my message. He said he was working until 3.30pm today and will give me a call this afternoon. The message sounded pretty friendly too. It started with “Hey man!” and he added a smiley, which I think makes it look promising. It been over two years since I last spoke to him so I have to be careful how I approach the conversation later on. Obviously, I update you later on how that goes. Getting a bit nervous now.
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    BTW It not exactly clear in the article who send the letters. Janapes Government? Japanese Citizien? Japanese people living Sydney? There are 10k japanese in Sydney, and around 50k in Australia. Not unlikely that the opposition comes from there.
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    it probably needs to be seen in real life with the entire feel of the space to be appreciated, all in all i am happy with the installation,
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    Thanks for all the input, everybody. The overwhelming answer was “ask the coach,” but that complicated, for two reasons:
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEYou find it “worse” because you a woman, frankly. A man would likely have more trouble dealing with his wife actually fucking someone else than a drunken make out and sexy emails.
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    Thank you for the clarification, I was simply talking on a high level. Government incepting communications that, we as citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy on a phone call, would in fact violate certain 4th amendment rights based on precedents set up by the high court that give us a ” reasonable expectation of privacy”. Noting that a warrant is apparently not required for the government to do as they please.
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    Who can honestly say they were comfortable in their own homosexuality or Transgenderism when they realised it at first? How long would it have taken you to accept that part of you? Now when you realise others would be uncomfortable with it purely because of the lack of exposure otherwise. People who aren homosexual or Transgender are more likely to be uncomfortable with the concept for a longer time because they don have to live it, and those kids reactions is no different. To that end, they were only kids. Being ignorant isn automatically being malicious.overview for saltedbird
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    I don have to flat out lie to my dad yet, but it takes everything I got in me to conceal my honest reactions and facial expressions when we talk. 99% of the time I tell myself to “go with the flow”, do everything I can to make it as pleasant a conversation as possible and most importantly avoid making my dad feel stupid or embarrassed at all costs.
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    Students studying history at my high school had the opportunity to visit Berlin for a week, because we were studying some of the deeper aspects of the second world war. We were given a tour of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, and the experience was understandably grim.
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    I basically gave up on TV after Xena. It just didn hold my interest. Stuck around for a few shows here and there (Buffy, Angel, every iteration of Stargate) but that was basically it. When I was briefly living on my own, I didn even have TV service (of course, if there was anything I cared to watch, I could just watch it online).
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    So I sent it off LONG before it expired along with a name change. In the meantime I was unable to travel for work (Without a passport) because they took so long the one I had expired. And then they lost it.
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    I will agree that the whole light level system and system of getting weaponry isn exactly the best and could use some tweaks. I personally don care, but I have a little more time to play than the average person and I recognize that for those players, the game is a little rougher. But for my MMO comparison, I just talking about the actual execution of strategy. In MMOs, if the devs find something they don think should be part of the fight, they fix it. The raid is a puzzle that has structure, the pieces are all over the place and you need to put it together in the right order. Destiny raiding and MMO raiding are very different, yes, but the concept of executing a certain strategy in order to be successful isn different. The concept of fixing things deemed to be exploitative isn different.
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    You can wish you had done this or that but it not going to happen unless you hear a vwoorp vwoorp sound.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI not familiar with the laws where you live, but I live in BC Canada and we have the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) which limits what can be built on agricultural land. You might want to look into what limitations there are, if any. Also re: cheaper taxes, you might also want to look into what keeps it being farm land. Again, location specific, but I know people who live in the country and keep a minimum number of chickens so that their property can be considered a farm so that they get tax breaks. You might need to look into what the requirements are for that type of thing.
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    I know enough about you. I know that your a big jerk. I know you have no family or friends that like you. Everyone that comes into contact with you ends up hating you once you open that disgusting dirty mouth of yours. I know that you like to criticize everyone because your jealous and it make you feel like a better person by putting them down. You probably already know all this though. So nothing new learned.
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    If you want to go bigger but still local, Eno River State Park is less than 30 min away.
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    Things I want to have a negotiation conversation with about (self explanatory): unprotected sex with a person for the first time, moving someone up the hierarchy, etc
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    Graduating senior in EE/CpE. I would rate very highly about 95% of the instructors I had. They overall been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My favorite thing about WVU has been the opportunity for extra curriculars, which, if you coming from a smaller school, may not have been an option for you. Especially as an engineering student, they are plenty of ways to get involved and make yourself stand out as a student and a potential employee. Additionally lots of top name companies recruit at WVU. Probably the most important thing about the school you choose (after the quality of education) is the networking opportunities it provides. Companies like GE, Schlumberger, Honda R Milliken, Booz Allen, Northrop Grumman, Bayer, Kollmorgen, Halliburton, FedEx, and Tyco all recruit at WVU.overview for postslikeagirl
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    It definitely is the highest extreme of “extravagant” which is something most people would never go for, largely due to cost, but if it something that is part of a house in a certain price range anyway I guarantee someone would want this bathroom over a similar house in the area with the standard stock bathroom, and likely would even be willing to pay a little extra for it. Of course that is mainly due to the typical bathroom in this area being a freakin closet where you can piss into the toilet from the shower, but still. If you had 2 houses that where both 140k, and one had a normal bathroom from the 70 and another had this bathroom, guess which one is going to sell first every time? I personally would never even consider a bathroom like this for 30 35k, and view it as absolutely retarded, but for 1700 sure.overview for RandomEuro
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    This is a great answer. You may be tempted to just do it and tell your mother to deal with it, but ultimately your life will be easier if you can get her on board in whatever way you can.
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEI a closet crossdresser.
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    You could look into community colleges and universities, but those generally require a Master at a minimum, and you may need to know the local language.
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    Fuck you, Vinnie. I know you were being enabled by a guy trying to build a fantasy team, but fuck you for being an incapable, sycophantic zilch who enabled him right back.overview for Ramza
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    jump to contentmy subredditswhat’s this?TROPHY CASEThank you for taking the time to respond to my question. The way I see it, he still the same person in any given moment. I not naive and I know these moments won last all that much longer, so I chosen to cherish these moments with all my heart.
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    My last name is NOT common (in Canada/the US) but I get a LOT of emails from people signing up with Dutch companies. I get some guy Verizon bills every month, he seems to pay them pretty regularly. Once a man sent me pdfs of his daughter birth certificate as well as some other documents. That guy, I emailed back and advised that I wasn his daughter so he needed to re send to the right address. He asked me to delete the email (lol) and also if I was related to him.
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    By the early 1970s, people in academic or research institutions had the opportunity for single person use of a computer system in interactive mode for extended durations, although these systems would still have been too expensive to be owned by a single person.
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    Q: When can we expect a release?
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    It basically finding balance. Make whatever strengths you have work for you. I going to give my life story in this regard, I think it will paint the picture I trying to explain and will hopefully help you too.
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    I got my rabies pre exposure in 3 shots over a period of a few months, as I recall. I don remember the color, but I don like to watch the needle going in. I recently had my blood drawn to check how my antibodies are doing. This is a requisite to work with bats, which I done in the past.
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    1) Got back from a week long vacation with my dad. That day I had to move 3 crews. Take my truck and head out to the first jobsite to get their shit loaded. We get all of that taken care of, and we go head out to the next job. I get on the highway, and as soon as I hit 45 or so the truck just starts shaking. Stupidly busy highway so I am more worried about merging this stupidly oversized truck in traffic than the shaking. I can deal with that as soon as I in a lane instead of an entrance ramp. Then my phone buzzes. All I could think was “Oh fuck, more shit to deal with” because my boss always had to pile more work on me (the other truck driver sucked so badly you wouldn believe it). I answer, and its the crew I moving. Turns out my rear axle looked like it was about to fall off. All I could think was “OH FUCK”. Luckily my truck had amber strobes (construction truck strobe color in my state) So I turn them on. Between those and my axle traffic cleared really fast and I was able to get off the road. I stopped in the grass off the side of the road. Got out to see what the fuck was wrong with my truck. Crawl under the rear end, turns out that there was a broken control arm/shock absorber (whatever the hell it was). And by broken, I don just mean fractured slightly. I mean literally split completely in half. Called my boss and told him we need a roll back to get the truck back. 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive, and then we had to take it to the warehouse to get the equipment off, so I was 4 hours behind that day. After a little probing turns out the other incompetent driver broke the shock absorber by backing at speed into a curb trying to get into the driveway. Instead of telling our boss (which he wouldn be disciplined for) he just let it be. This was the final straw in me filing a class action lawsuit against the company. For other reasons I never went through with the lawsuit, but if somebody were to they would have no problem bankrupting the company.
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    Yeah, but why are men stronger? Could it not be that whatever causes men to be stronger also causes behavioral differences as well?
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    Mr. Obama also argued against efforts by some countries to control and censor information on the Internet. “Closed societies that are not open to new ideas, eventually they fall behind,” he warned.
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    Not saying I would recommend all young girls go out and get themselves an asshole for a boyfriend, because it an awful experience, but in retrospect it made a good educational tool.overview for sp328
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    But doesn that mean there are cases where even 50ms will feel off?
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    A skilled pilot would keep the lines close together at a greater risk but would be faster at entering the atmosphere. a newer pilot would take it slower keeping the lines further apart, it would take a little longer but its safer.overview for sharpiefairy666
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    T10 For the love of God! Play the Shade! All he wants to do is love you! The longer you wait, the worse the card gets.
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    Suddenly Gandalf turns around, his eyes wide in terror.
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    In short, troubles with the prescription are caused by my health insurance, that is basing on EHIC card. As far as I know, it works well with general medical practice (huisarts?) and in emergencies, but in case a doctor insisted on ADD/ADHD examinations, it would generate tons of paperwork on payments, refunds, etc. I also dunno what the attitude of Dutch MDs to nootropics. Back in my country choosing public healthcare over some private neurologist, would probably end up passing through the series of tests that would take ages. I don judge if it reasonable procedure or not, though I sure that in my present situation I don and I won have time for that soon.
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    But, I do agree that there should be consistency. Gifs, plushies, and food should all be considered fan art. Gifs especially, I mean, they are just fan art that moves.
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    “You may think it’s unfair that [men] have to counteract and adjust ourselves for the ill behavior of other men. You know what? You’re right. It is unfair. Is that the fault of women? Or is it the fault of the men who act abysmally and make the rest of us look bad? If issues of fairness bother you, get mad at the men who make you and your actions appear questionable.” Zaron Burnett, “A Gentlemen Guide to Rape Culture”
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    IamA Guy who lets people call or text him for any reason and giving away 7 grand to someone who NEEDS it. Her car needs a jump every time we need to go anywhere. I would really like to help her get it fixed and pay her rent for a few months so she can focus on recuperating without the stress of worrying about paying rent. For myself, also unemployed doing everything I can to change that I would pay my rent, and buy some nice clothes for interviews. Plus it would be really cool to make lasagnas for everyone I care about. Call you anytime, that a pretty interesting gig. What your favorite thing about being the phone guy?
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    My dads been married like five times, and I have had some crazy bitch step moms this lady has got to be put in her place before she causes long term damage to the way OPs kids see the world as adults.
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    So 0ms is ideal latency, 1000ms is too much latency. What the cutoff where calibration can hide the input latency anymore?
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    If someone isn keen on taking photos on a camera and would rather use their phone, you of course have to adjust the limerick to reflect items that they love instead. Also I really like the bit about taking photos but there not a chance in hell I can afford to buy a proper camera for her! ;)overview for RebelliousPlatypus
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    Well maybe this will brighten your day in a depressing way: no PD is in it for the paycheck because the paycheck barely exists. Those guys probably genuinely care about their clients more than any other lawyer. They appear like they don care because they are severely overworked. They have way to many cases, put in insane hours, and still come home at night wondering how they are going to pay rent. If you want to be depressed about anything be depressed about the system PDs work in, not the PDs themselves.
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    I would have done everything the same initially. I would make here write up the note and hold it out while I take a picture of her all the meanwhile telling her that if she was going to make a mockary of someone else she should know exactly how it feels. I would have had her upload it to her computer and we would get right up until the final post picture button.overview for roth377
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    EDIT: If anyone here has not checked out the Cluster Headache Support Group on Facebook, I highly encourage you to do so. It much more active than this community and everyone is incredibly friendly and wonderful.overview for RotFox
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    Not to sound like a Tumblrite, but as a member of the LGBT community, don you dare try to white knight us like this. We are not some sort of porcelain in need of your protection. We are not so unable to take a simple (and legitimately funny) joke that our lives will literally end. calling someone faggot maliciously, etc.) then that one thing, otherwise we don need you to defend us. We aren damsels and it more offensive for you to take the stance you have than the actual comment you rail against.
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    EDIT: Thank you for all the outpouring of support. He does have somewhere to stay for now until he gets on his feet. Unfortunately, his car was taken back as well. It seems terrible right now, but I feel confident that he will make it through this and be OK. If you know of anyone in a similar situation please help them out in any way you can!
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    What you find is you learn who your real friends are quick. The ones who can be bothered to reciprocate or don understand the value you offer are not worth being friends with. So if you ask me why Facebook is the worst website ever made its for this reason alone. Take all 3 thousand of your friends and ask yourself how many actually have your back. The rest of those people in your list could give a shit about you. They are just being nice to you. Put them in any sort of position where they must go out of their way for you and watch how quickly they flip the switch and burn you.
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    Right now marriage and emancipation are the only ways you can ” choose” who your family is. Since there are many advantages to being able to do so (sharing insurance benefits, sharing SSI, medical power of attorney, etc) I don see people foregoing marriage. I also don see a better way of choosing the recipients of those benefits, of deciding who makes your medical decisions when you are incapacitated. Who inherits your property if you die.
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    I really sorry that you have to find out how little he cares about you in this way, at this time. I not going to say he never cared about you, but there are a lot of levels between “likes you enough to sleep wit you” and “will support you when things are at their worst.” If you want that level of emotional investment from your partners, you need to actively filter for it and demand it.
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    It be unfortunate for a good discussion to be “lost” (it is technically still available for those who are already a part of it, or those who are linked to it), but it one of those situations where a lot of us think the pros outweigh the cons.
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    Edit: And since I being downvoted for expressing a legitimate opinion, take a look at the original article. The majority of those billionaires are self made, like Gates and Dell. They have created so many jobs and donated so much money to global causes, but no, that not what is being expressed here. It just the cheap one liner, durp durp, rich people = bad.
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    Also, Lucky Star isn that big on absurdist humor, it more observational humor. Azumanga Daioh has some pretty great absurdist humor, and much faster pacing too. I on a phone, so I can link it, but my favorite scene can be found by searching “oh my gah”. I should go back and finish it. The dub kind of sucked and turned me away from it.
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